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See the Beekeeper (and a Whole Lot More) In Philadelphia

Get inspired by these amazing feats of urban beekeeping.

Celebrate the dedication of Lorenzo Langstroth's birthplace and observance of his 200th birthday in Philadelphia in September.

As part of the Philadelphia Honey Festival, our very own Beekeeper, Kim Flottum, will emcee the celebration of the placement of a historical marker at 106 South Front Street, the birthplace of L.L. Langstroth, the inventor of the modern beehive, in Philadelphia, Pa., on Sept. 9 at 3:30 p.m. Included in the celebration will be speeches by Pennsylvania's Secretary Of Agriculture Russell Redding, the Pennsylvania Honey Queen, and several others. A nearby reception hosted by The Beekeeper and the Philly Beekeeper Association will top off the event.

Later on Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday, a host of events are planned by three groups (the Wagner Institute, Bartram's Garden and the Wyck Association), all having to do with bees, botany, honey bee art and more. A highlight will be a talk given by Kim Flottum, "The Joys Of Urban Beekeeping," and talks by authors Elizabeth Capaldi Evans, Professor of Biology at Bucknell University and author of the book, Why do Bees Buzz? Fascinating Answers to Questions about Bees, and Dean Stiglitz, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Beekeeping. Also, Historian Matt Redmon will do a short presentation about Lorenzo Langstroth, Philadelphia's own inventor of the modern beehive on Saturday as part of the Wyck Association's celebration.

Kim Flottum

Kim Flottum

Kim Flottum is the editor of Bee Culture magazine.
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Bee Culture: The magazine of American beekeeping.
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