12.19.2013 7:03 AM

To the Readers of The Daily Green

The Daily Green will merge with Good Housekeeping.

12.19.2013 7:03 AM

To the Readers of The Daily Green

The Daily Green will merge with Good Housekeeping.

12.15.2013 2:00 AM

Electronics Waste Will Soon Weigh as Much as 8 Egyptian Pyramids

The average U.S. resident tosses 66 pounds of e-waste each year.

12.9.2013 8:29 AM

Federal Flood Maps Left NY Unprepared for Sandy

Investigation: FEMA knew of deficient maps prior to historic storm.

12.2.2013 8:52 PM

35 Years Later, FDA Agrees to Set Rules for Controversial Antimicrobial Agent

Triclosan, widely used in consumer products, has been linked to a variety of health and environmental concerns.

11.22.2013 5:57 PM

Half of Soaps, Lotions and Drugs End Up in Our Water

Study: drugs, antibiotics and pesticides escape treatment by wastewater plants.

11.21.2013 8:32 AM

Study: Women Take Fish Advice Seriously, and Babies Benefit

Levels of mercury dropped by one-third, which bodes well for the next generation.

11.19.2013 9:25 AM

Two New Apps Help You Buy Safer Cosmetics

Two big names in the drive to clean up the cosmetics industry have launched apps designed to help shoppers.

11.16.2013 7:08 AM

Are Young Gymnasts At Risk from Chemical Exposure?

Foam blocks cushion falls, but may expose children to a banned hormone-mimicking chemical: Study.

11.11.2013 5:55 PM

Swap Your Holiday Lights for $5 Coupons

A Home Depot special is a good incentive to upgrade--and save on energy costs.

11.8.2013 5:56 AM

Is Nanosilver Safe for Baby Blankets?

A judge orders the EPA to re-consider the health effects of a controversial antimicrobial agent.

11.1.2013 7:37 AM

When Daylight Savings Time 2013 Ends

Daylight Savings Time ends in 2013 on Sunday, Nov. 3 at 2 a.m.

10.28.2013 8:16 AM

How to Avoid Exposure to Chemicals that Mess with Your Hormones

New report identifies "dirty dozen" endocrine-disrupting chemicals, and how to avoid them.

10.28.2013 7:48 AM

New Rules Aim for Safer Pet Food

Sanitary pet food-making facilities and plans for preventing foodborne illness: Up until now, those have been voluntary.

10.24.2013 8:58 AM

One Bottle's Worth of Water Wasted for Every Three Produced

Bottled water industry celebrates its wastefulness.

10.20.2013 6:11 AM

Global Treaty for Toxic Mercury Exempts Mascara

Few U.S. products are thought to contain mercury, but it's difficult to know because of labeling rules.

10.15.2013 5:57 PM

Target to Phase Out Many Suspect Chemicals

Target will prioritize beauty, baby, personal care and household cleaning products that avoid more than 100 chemicals of concern.

10.13.2013 8:53 PM

What Makes People (and Our Animals) Fat?

Researchers search for obesity clues in common exposures shared by our fat pets.

10.10.2013 8:28 AM

Study: New Climate Era To Reach U.S. in 2040s

"Climate departures" study predicts when regions on Earth will begin to experience weather outside the bounds of recorded history.

10.1.2013 7:52 AM

15 Breast Cancer Risk Factors

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Learn the often-surprising risk factors that may increase risk of developing breast cancer – and, importantly, how you can prevent you (and your daughter) from getting breast cancer.

10.1.2013 7:51 AM

5 'Beyond the Pink' Facts about Breast Cancer

A new Breast Cancer Fund campaign urges a switch from breast cancer awareness to prevention.

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