9.25.2007 12:00 AM

Expect Record Heating Oil, Propane and Electric Prices

The Cost of Heating a Home Is Going Up Fast; Improve Efficiency Now to Save Later


By Dan Shapley

The 2007 winter heating season will cost Americans a record amount, according to the National Energy Assistance Directors' Association. Home heating oil could cost 28% more than last year, meaning the average family will pay more than $1,800 to heat its home with oil -- $402 more than last year. The increase will hit low income families hardest. Here's a look at the other increases projected -- with the caveat that price always depends on weather as the season evolves.

Simple home improvements can dramatically reduce energy bills. Insulation, good windows, sealed cracks can all keep the heat you produce from escaping, and all these improvements can be made now in order to save when winter's chill sets in. To get started on those home improvements, start with a home energy self-assessment. The Alliance to Save Energy has several tools available on its Web site.


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