I'm Green, You're Not — Here's a Gift

Light-Spirited Gifts to Nudge Your Loved Ones Down the Green Path
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His and Her Magic Global Warming Knickers

As things heat up -- the icecaps melt, sea levels rise -- you've got an R-rated reminder that global warming will hit us where it hurts. 100% Fair Trade Organic Cotton $30 at greenknickers.org.


Behold the Spork! Each utensil has a spoonlike scoop on one end, and a four-tine fork and sawtooth knife on the other. Never toss a plastic utensil in the trash again! $5.95 at spoonsisters.com, 1-800-716-4199.

I Am Not a Paper Cup

This double-walled porcelain coffee cup may be reusable, but it sure looks like Styrofoam -- perfect for the stubborn coffee lover who might change his carbon footprint, just not his appearance. $18.98 at ochelly.com.

Reusable Brown Bag Lunch Tote

Brown-bag it with these colorful reusable brown bag look-alikes. Made of extremely lightweight, coated polyester fabric, each bag is compact, waterproof and easy to clean. $28 at nybgshop.org, 718-817-8869.

Global Warming Mug

Remind the climate science naysayer of the adverse effects of global warming with this unique (and reusable) coffee mug. With every pour, hot coffee "melts" the mug's decorative ice caps, raising sea level and swamping continents -- a friendly early-morning reminder to take care of the planet. $12 at uncommongoods.com, 1-888-365-0056.

Al Gore - Is It Hot in Here? Mouse Pad

Let Al remind your friend with each click on this mouse pad. Perfect for the geek, the ironic hipster, the devoted Democrat or even (dare we say) the climate science skeptic! $16.99 at shirtpervert.com


More fun than smashing a beer on your forehead, this compact and efficient home recycling center is the ideal gift for the lazy environmentalist. The space-saving, über-functional unit collects all your recyclables and even helps you compress -- with the hard stomp of a foot -- aluminum cans and plastic bottles! $328 at ecopod.org.

Green Essentials Kit

Get your loved one going green with this kit of essentials, including a stylish reusable bag, natural locally made soap for healthy cleansing and The Green Book. $40 at thegreenperspective.com, 215 684-9652.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Living Green

Who says you can't judge a book by its cover? Just as the title says, this book is perfect for the lovable eco-idiot in your life. $16.95 at barnesandnoble.com, 1-800-843-2665.

GreenAid Reusable Bag

Declare war on plastic bags! The GreenAid Bag by Lovegrove & Repucci is a reusable shopping bag that wraps up into an imaginative grenade-like neoprene shell. (Available Nov. 3, 2008; you can sign up for a reminder now.) $16 at lovegroverepucci.com, 1-908-832-2518.

Bamboo Picnic Set

Enjoy picnics without the disposable plastic and paper waste with this stylish set made from rapidly renewable bamboo. Though sturdy, strong and lasting for ages, should a plate or utensil break, it can be composted. Each set includes 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 cups, 4 knives, forks and spoons. $12 at ecodepot.com.

Biodegradable T-Shirt

Teach your newbie about waste prevention with a biodegradable T-shirt. No, this cute form-fitting tee won't self-destruct in 5 years, but it will show your loved one that it's entirely possible to be both chic and conscious at the same time. $25 at todydesigns.com, 1-714-828-9234.

Green Living For Dummies

Help your loved ones do their part to reduce energy consumption, waste, and pollution with Green Living For Dummies. $19.99 at barnesandnoble.com, 1-800-843-2665.

Paper-Saving Software

A clever piece of software designed by environmentalists for paper wasters, GreenPrint recognizes and removes unnecessary text from pages you send to the printer (like that useless last page with just a URL, signature or legal jargon) thus saving time and toner -- not to mention trees (38 million of them, if all new computers used GreenPrint) and carbon dioxide (117 million tons, or the equivalent output of 23 million cars). $35 at verdantcomputing.com, 1-866-243-2275.

Intro To Green Bag

The perfect gift for someone just embarking on their green journey, Green Perspective's, "Intro To Green Bag" provides the essentials in an easy-to-use starter set complete with reusable bag and coffee mug, CFL bulb and "green living" instruction book. $65 at thegreenperspective.com, 1-215-684-9652.

It's Easy Being Green

Have a green living naysayer on your list? Show them it's a piece of cake with the informative yet palatable handy guide, It's Easy Being Green. $12.95 at barnesandnoble.com, 1-800-843-2665.

Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Did you know that the average 100% cotton T-shirt is made up of only 73% cotton? The rest is made up of materials that may have pesticides and chemical residues. Spread the word by giving your green newbie a pesticide-free organic cotton tee like this one made locally in the US by Cafepress. $29.99 at cafepress.com.

Reusable Message Tote

Sure to send the message loud and clear, this reusable tote is as entertaining as it is eco-friendly. $14.95 at patinastores.com, 1-866-877-9995.

Save H2O Bar Of Soap

Inspire your loved ones to be brief at the sink with the "Save H2O" soap bar. Made in the U.S.A from organic aloe vera, this soap will keep hands and conscience clean. $7.95 at patinastores.com, 1-866-877-9995.

Shower Coach Timer

As water conservation becomes ever more important, the Shower Coach Timer will train the water waster on your list to cut back on shower time. $2.95 at usalandlord.com, 1-866-253-0102.

Solar Powered Golf Cart

Have a gas-guzzling golfer on your list? With 72 photovoltaic cells that generate enough power for 10 rounds of golf, Hammacher Schlemmer's Solar Powered Golf Cart is just the answer to careless carting. $9000 at hammacher.com, 1-800-227-3528.