9.2.2013 9:42 PM

Fall Foliage Predictions for 2013

Which part of the U.S. will see the best fall color? Find out.

Hudson River View from Black Creek Preserve
The Hudson River, as viewed from Black Creek Preserve in New York's Hudson Valley.
Photo: Dan Shapley

By Dan Shapley

The Mid Atlantic is expected to have the best fall foliage this year, according to, but warmer-than-normal temperatures in the New England and Upstate New York may delay and dull the color change.

The Midwest, meanwhile, is more likely to be hit by an early freeze that might short-cut the colors of fall, leading to premature dropping of the leaves, according to the private weather service.

In the Southeast, heavy rains and flooding are likely to keep leaves green. The problem is just the opposite in the West, where drought continues to plague so much of the region that leaf color will be severely affected. Not to mention that hundreds of square mile of forest have burned during the wildfire season.


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