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If you have to limit your sodium intake I strongly suggest you consult with your doctor before trying this one. A few years ago I met a woman in her mid seventies. She had the most beautiful skin I've ever seen on an adult. She was wearing no makeup and you could tell she had no "work" done but her complexion was flawless. Her hair was soft and shiny and she had a fresh, natural sent.

She told me that she had always been very sensitive to chemicals and had always used nothing but baking soda for bathing and shampooing. She said the best part is that she seldom had to clean her shower because the baking soda kept it clean for her. The results were marvelous. I tried it and it really does work.

Then I ran out of baking soda and forgot about it until today. It's time I tried it again.

You can find large containers of baking soda at some stores, which is great if you also use baking soda for its many household cleaning and laundry possibilities. It's great stuff. You can find it anywhere and it's cheap! Again, if you have problems, check with your doctor first. Baking soda contains a lot of sodium and might be absorbed through the skin.

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