Give to Charity While You Shop Online

It's easy to give a portion of your holiday shopping expenditures to charity with services like iGive and GoodShop.

igive and goodshop logos

By Dan Shapley

There's no time of year like the holiday shopping season for American expenditures, and online shopping makes up an ever-growing portion of the retail take. For green consumers aware of the environmental impact of their gift purchases, the season comes with a heavy dose of uncertainty, or even guilt: How much is appropriate to spend? When buying for loved ones, how must "stuff" is too much?

Fortunately, there are several ways to give back while you shop. For instance, iGive and GoodShop allow you to easily donate a portion of the price you pay online to a charity of your choice.

Both services install a simple addition to your Web browser and ask you to select your charity. Then, you just shop at any of the hundreds of member sites, including every major retail, from to


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