Cover Your Plate (at Least) Half Full with Fruits and Vegetables

75% of Americans don't eat enough fruits and vegetables, but this simple tip will lead to better health.

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Photo: USDA

By Dan Shapley

A recent study found that 75% of U.S. residents don't eat the recommended minimum amount of fruits and vegetables – three cups of vegetables and two cups of fruits daily.

This is despite increasing evidence that vegetable-heavy diets are healthier for our hearts, help prevent cancer and help us live longer. It's despite evidence that micronutrients in these natural health foods are m more effective than vitamin supplements. It's despite the increasingly availability of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, and an amazing array of produce from all over the world available at supermarkets. It's despite the endorsements of celebrities and celebrity chefs.

All of which suggests eating our veggies is harder than we like to admit!

The latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans attempted to simplify the government advice in this way: Just fill your plate at least half full with fruits and vegetables.

That's simple advice that's useful for all of us!

Get started today by trying a vegetarian or vegan recipe.


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