Swap Your Holiday Lights for $5 Coupons

A Home Depot special is a good incentive to upgrade--and save on energy costs.

led holiday lights
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By Dan Shapley

Home Depot is offering a special promotion through Nov. 17, 2013, encouraging customers to swap old strings of incandescent holiday lights for new LED strings that use a fraction of the electricity. It's a good deal--you can swap as many as five strands for coupons worth $3-$5 on your purchase of new lights.

Whether you take advantage of this deal, or another promotion, think about upgrading.

The Department of Energy touts LED holiday lights as safer, sturdier, longer lasting and easier to install. (A strand purchased today could last 40 years, and you can connect up to 25 strings of LED lights to the same socket without risking a Griswoldian meltdown.)

But of course, the real advantage comes in energy savings. If you keep a Christmas tree lit for 12 hours a day, for 40 days, it could cost you as little as a quarter, or as much as $10, according to the Department of Energy. That's the difference between using LED C-9 lights and incandescent C-9 bulbs. Over 10 holiday seasons, that could save you over $100.


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