75% of Americans don't eat enough fruits and vegetables, but this simple tip will lead to better health.
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Steep Reduction in Suspect Chemical Detected

Following a national ban, average levels of flame retardants in pregnant women drop 65%.

Tips for Starting a Green Home Renovation

It's never been easier to improve your home with non-toxic, energy-efficient materials.

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New Rules Aim for Safer Pet Food

Sanitary pet food-making facilities and plans for preventing foodborne illness: Up until now, those have been voluntary.

An LED Bulb Under $10?

A bulb that could save hundreds of dollars can now be found at one-quarter its original retail price.

Surprising Toxic Chemicals In Children's Toys

What we've learned from the nation's toughest chemical disclosure law.

How to Buy the Best Organic and Fair Trade Flowers Online

Flowers are a beautiful way to express your love, and these sustainable choices are grown without the use of harsh chemicals by workers paid a fair wage.

FTC to Retailers: 'Bamboo' Fabric Isn't Bamboo

4 'buyer beware' facts about clothing and textiles that claim to be made from bamboo.

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Organic Cocktails: I Grew It in the Garden, Then Drank It with Booze!

Made with organic and sustainable liquors, these cocktail recipes make use of garden-fresh herbs and fruits.


Microwaves Will Be More Energy Efficient

Another vampire power load slayed.


15 World Environment Day Tips that Really Make a Difference

Don't aggravate yourself. These green tips from NRDC's Simple Steps are worth the effort.

Vegetarian Pumpkin Tart with Pecan Crust

Try this with pumpkins or any winter squash.

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