11.19.2010 2:00 PM

Ed Begley, Jr. Wants YOU to Save Money with New Green Home Products

The celebrity actor and green spokesperson shares tips and inspiration in this exclusive TDG video.


By Brian Clark Howard

We've long been inspired by Ed Begley, Jr.'s legendary commitment to the environment. He's one of the most green celebrities, truly walking the walk -- and even sharing his family's green dream through his reality show Living with Ed. Begley's green image is so squeaky clean that he even has a green cleaner named after him.

Not only has the actor driven an electric car for years, and made many renewable and efficient upgrades to his home, but he has shared the joys of green with much of Hollywood, as well as his fans through his recent books, including Ed Begley, Jr.'s Guide to Sustainable Living.

Begley has even "greened up" some of the roles he has played, such as the earnest Hiram in the acclaimed Six Feet Under series.

Ed Begley, Jr. sat down recently to answer a few questions from The Daily Green's editors, as well as a few from our Facebook fans. We edited our favorite answers into this video.

Since there's only a little time left to take advantage of them, high on Begley's mind was getting money back from Uncle Sam for making energy efficiency upgrades in the home. (Also see how to apply for the home tax credits.) Begley also suggested getting a home energy audit.

Begley pointed to a range of new green home products, like efficient appliances, insulation and much more. He is living proof that you can live the good life, and still live gentler on the planet.


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