Green Gardening Tools and Other Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Learn about the $600 Garden Vegetable and other great gardening tips for beginners!



Misprint Watering Can

Even typographical errors can find reuse as colorful watering cans made from defective printed metal scraps. $48 at, 1-800-233-6011.

Bamboo & Reclaimed Teak Ducks

Hand carved from sustainable bamboo root and reclaimed teak, these web-footed wonders are a handsome and sustainable alternative to the plastic garden gnome. $89 at, 1-800-233-6011.

Brill Razor Reel Mower

Give the gift of easy manual mowing. The Brill Razor Reel Lawnmower is C02-, noise- and trouble- free. $249.99 at, 1-214-819-9500.

Field Guide Bird House

This fabulous fantasy birdhouse, inspired by nature field guides, is decoupaged and crafted entirely by hand using books discarded from libraries. $62.50 at, 1-800-809-9880.

Earths Organics Gardeners Hand and Body Cream

Skincare products from Earths Organics Gardeners are made from all natural ingredients and organic botanicals, to keep the greenest thumbs clean. $24 at, 718-817-8869.

Natural Willow Arbor Gardener Basket

The Arbor Gardener Basket is easy to carry, easy to use and even easier on the planet. Made from sustainable willow branch, each basket comes with a set of essential gardening tools. $61.95 at, 1-800-861-8823.

The Backyard Beekeeper

Give your gardener the gift of the most abundant garden they've ever seen, with The Backyard Beekeeper, by The Daily Green's own resident Beekeeper, Kim Flottum. $17.99 Barnes & Noble.

Smtih & Hawken Gardening Tools

Smith & Hawken's Garden Tools are made from sustainable European ash certified by The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Better yet, each tool is guaranteed to last a lifetime. $25 at, 1-800-940-1170.

Tumbling Garden Composter

The Tumbling Garden Composter will turn -- literally -- kitchen scraps, leaves and grass clippings into a constant supply of rich, nutrient-filled compost for the garden & yard. $230.99 at, 1-877-204-7336.

Urn Eco Pots

The perfect alternative to petroleum-rich plastic planters, Urn Eco Pots are made from natural and renewable grain husk. Each pot lasts up to 5 years, after which it's biodegradable! $6 - $14 at

Sea Glass Wind Chime

This beautiful handmade wind chime is made from recycled sea glass. Available in a wide range of colors and shapes (a tree shape pictured here) you'll be sure to find one that speaks -- melodiously -- to your loved one. $75 at, 1-877-379-9300.

Wildflower Seed Note Cards

The gracious gardener will love these Wildflower Seed Note Cards. Handmade from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, each card is studded with a mix of wildflower seeds. Recipients can plant their used notes for a bloom of colorful poppies, primroses, corn flowers and more. $12 at, 718-817-8869.

Recycled Fiber Hammock

Perfect for the hard-working gardener who likes to relax outdoors, Green and More's Enviro-Fiber Hammock is made from 100% recycled fiber derived from soda bottles. $129.99, 1-877-473-3616.

Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife

Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife is filled with colorful photos and easy to follow tips for transforming your half acre (give or take) into a sanctuary for wildlife. $12.95 at (a portion of proceeds benefit the National Wildlife Federation).

Sustainable Garden Shears

Forest Stewardship Council-approved, Duchy's Garden Shears are made from stainless steel and sustainable wood, making them the perfect tool for the green gardening guru. $50 at

FSC-Certified Potting Shed

From the amateur gardener to the green-fingered guru, anyone who takes pleasure in seeing the fruits of their labor grow will appreciate this Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood potting shed collection. $39.34 at

Watering Wand

With eight different settings, this Watering Wand helps gardeners avoid wasting water and energy by allowing them to target their spray to specific plants. $25 at, 1-800-940-1170.

Salves, Soaps and Oils

Give tired green thumbs some TLC with Farmaesthetics Super Softening Set, a collection of hand-saving salves, soaps and oils made from natural beeswax, honey and sweet citrus flowers. $31 at, 1-800-ORIGINS.

Indoor Gardening Kit

Young green thumbs can watch nature at work by growing an indoor garden in just days with this kit. Each comes with 3 pots (made from recycled plastic milk containers), soil disks, a trowel and organic seeds. $30 at, 888-356-8821.

Rain Barrel

A practical present for the water-conscious gardener, these rain barrels are made from opaque green plastic that blocks light and inhibits algae growth in captured rainwater. Because it's made in the U.S., you know it has a smaller carbon footprint. $189.99 at, 214-819-9500.

Recycled Tire Garden Buckets

Made from 100% recycled polyethylene plastic, these tough tubs are flexible and versatile for many uses around the garden and home. Light and easy to carry with 2 handles, they can be used to transport firewood, mix potting soil, and even liquid. $16.99 each at, 1-214-819-9500.

"Compost" Book

Compost: The Gardener's Essential Compost and Recycling Bible by Kenneth Thompson is the ultimate bible for any green thumb -- novice or expert -- eager to transform green waste into vitamin-fortified fertilizer for his or her garden., 1-800-843-2665.

FSC-Certified Potting Bench

Put your littlest green thumb to work with Smith & Hawken's pint-sized potting bench crafted from sustainably harvested eucalyptus certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. $229 at, 1-800-940-1170.