Green Home Product Gift Ideas

Stylish Green Products and Decorations for the Home
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Flowering Tree Tray

Made locally by an artist in New York City, Violet's Flowering Tree Tray combines the natural beauty of azo-free hand printing and botanical motifs. Each tray is made from printed linen encased in nontoxic resin. $148 at

Real-Time Power Cost Monitor

Why wait for the electricity bill when you can see the the numbers race before your very eyes? Blueline Innovations' Real-Time PowerCost Monitor helps homeowners cut back on energy and money wasted by offering real-time feedback on electricity use. $134.95 at, 1-888-843-9103.

Spalted Oak Natural Edge Bowl

For a marriage of high style and natural beauty, bowls by eco-conscious designer Hitoshi Tanaka can't be beat. They are made -- beautifully -- from fallen oak trees. $150 at

Samsung Washer and Dryer

Samsung's Deep Steam Washer is Energy Star compliant, using an average of 13 gallons per wash cycle (versus 40 gallons for most conventional washers). You'll save money on your water bill and use less energy. The Electric Steam Dryer's high-speed spin cycle removes more water from fabrics and automatically shuts off when your clothes are dry, saving energy and reducing wear and tear. The Steam Refresh mode can mean a few less trips to the dry cleaner as well. Learn more at

Cornstalk Pendant Lamp

Paper Cloud's Cornstalk Pendant lamp is handmade from 100% linen, a renewable natural fiber that requires few pesticides and fertilizers. Additionally, Paper Cloud uses only water-based inks for the graphics on all of their items. $134 at, 1-888-222-4410.

Sustainable Wood Radio

Sustainably harvested wood sure sounds good on Magno's Mp3-compatible sound system. Packaged in recycled materials, this eco-friendly radio also scores green points for providing fair paying jobs in poverty stricken areas of Indonesia. $250 at

Hapao & Acorn Storage Containers

Woven by hand from rapidly renewable rattan vine, Hapao Acorn Storage Containers create conscious cargo space for odds and ends. $38 for the small, $58 for the tall and $78 for the wide container at Williams-Sonoma, 1-888-922-4108.

Dreaming Green

Dreaming Green: Eco-Fabulous Homes Designed to Inspire profiles 17 inspirational green homes with beautiful photography. It's a great coffee table book for the green building enthusiast -- or aspirant. $40 at

Phillips Eco TV

Recycled packaging and an energy-saving LCD screen make Phillips's Eco TV the greenest way to watch American Idol. $1,400 at

The Butterfly Bag

It's sassy. It's reusable. It holds as much as five disposable plastic shopping bags. It's $44.95 at, which also has a great selection of cleaning and personal care products.

Handmade Espresso Cups

These lovely little cups are handmade from local naturally harvested clay and hand-painted by gifted local artists in Guatemala. $29 - $69 at, 1-888-831-3176.

Williams-Sonoma Organic Cotton Towels

Woven in Portugal from 100% organic cotton fibers, these Williams-Sonoma towels are ultra-soft, dense and thirsty -- their 650-gram weight makes them plush yet superfast-drying, negating the need for an energy-sucking dryer. $20-$34 at, 1-888-922-4108.

Bamboo Cheese Board Set

This clever cutting board is made of rapidly renewable bamboo. Each cutting board is accompanied by a set of top-quality stainless steel cheese tools. Perfect for any eco-conscious cheese connoisseur. $34.95 at

Dell Studio Hybrid

A desktop that's green and stylish: Dell's Studio Hybrid Desktop uses energy-efficient power within a shell of responsibly harvested and rapidly renewable bamboo. Starting at $499 at

Handmade Embroidered Pillow

Handmade by artisans in Transylvania, Romania, these beautifully embroidered pillows preserve traditional Romanian handicrafts while providing jobs for women that allow them to stay home and raise their children. $98 at

Caldrea Essentials Set

Replace harsh cleaning supplies with Caldrea's all-natural Cleaning Essentials Set. Highly effective and consistently earth friendly, Caldrea products are biodegradable, made from plant-derived ingredients and effective on even the toughest grit and grime. $75 at, 1-800-576-8808.

Driftwood Lamp

Handmade from pieces of fast-growing, sustainable vine and burlap, this beautiful lamp is a statement in sustainable simplicity. $199 at, 1-888-779-5176.

Home Soda Maker

For the house that loves sparkling water, but hates the environmental harm and cost of disposable plastic bottles, using the Fountain Jet Soda Maker can save 500 bottles. $99.99 at, 1-800-SODACLUB.

Knoll Chadwick Chair

Protect your loved one's back with Knoll's ergonomic Chadwick office chair. It's made largely from recycled materials, doesn't off-gas noxious chemicals and can be recycled when it's time to replace it. $643 at

Eco Candles

From soy-based inks, to hemp twine, to recycled paper, this collection is committed to conserving our planet's resources. The chlorine-free paper pulp box is biodegradable in 3-6 months and is wrapped with a 100% post-industrial recycled paper label awarded FSC-certification. $18 each at Paddywax, 1-866-PADDYWAX.

Decorative Journal

Harvest your thoughts in this handmade journal. The outside of the journal features a cornstalk design hand-printed on linen. The pages are blank, and the front and back are lined with a matching decorative paper. Comes in three sizes. Shown in orange on beige. $35 at, 1-888-222-4410.

Pillow Pillow Pillow

Handmade in Brooklyn, Pillow Pillow Pillow pillows are not only incessantly self-referential, they are ecologically sound, and adorable. Get your doggy as a pillow starting at $53.99 at, 1-877-521-3833.

Low Flow Shower Head

For true shower power that won't waste water or money, consider the Oxygenics LowFlow showerhead. It might not look like much, but it's easy to install and delightful to use. The showerhead sucks in surrounding air to create an oxygenated spray that not only cuts back on water wastage, but also stimulates the skin. $34.95 at, 1-800-344-3242.

Natural Bird Ornaments

Bring a touch of the garden to the Christmas tree, wreath or mantel with Smith & Hawken's charming bird ornaments, crafted from all natural and rapidly renewable materials such as twine, pinecone and dead wood. $30 at, 1-800-940-1170.

Pur Water Filter

PUR's most advanced filter is a great option for people who use bottled water or prefer the taste of filtered tap water. Removing up to 99% of toxins, PUR lasts up to 2-3 months for -- yes -- pure and delicious water. $24.87 at, 1-800-925-6278.

Organic Cotton Bedding

Give the gift of cozy warmth this holiday season with Under the Canopy's wonderfully warm, soft and organic Top Of Bed Collection. $298 for a full/queen duvet at, 1-888-226-6799.

Honeywell Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell's Programmable Thermostat gives the gift of energy and money saving. It's a must-have in any green home. $79.98 at

Encyclopedia of Earth

A complete visual guide filled with lavishly illustrated and richly detailed surveys of Earth's 4.6 billion-year history, this is a coffee table book every guest will want to leaf through!. $39.95 at