Throw a Planet Green Launch Watching Party

Green Content Comes to Cable TV 24/7

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By Brian Clark Howard

Given how hot the environment has been the past few years (in more ways than one), it's not too surprising that someone would launch a 24/7 TV network on all things green. On June 4 at 6 p.m. EST Discovery debuts the Planet Green channel, a new cable and satellite destination for environmental news, humor, lifestyle and much more.

The big premiere should be seamless for an estimated 50 million American homes (those with typical cable or satellite packages), because Planet Green will actually be occupying the former signal range of the Discovery Home channel. In fact, Discovery is reskinning its former destination for home content, reportedly investing $50 million to repack it with green original programming.

As Tommi Lewis Tilden points out, much of this new green programming sounds promising, including an eco-themed cooking show from Bam Man Emeril Lagasse, a relaunch of Ed Begley, Jr.'s Living with Ed, a hip new series with eco-hotties Adrian Grenier and Angela Lindvall, and of course the much ballyhooed debut of "Battleground Earth" — pitting "Toxic" rocker Tommy Lee against rapper Ludacris "Luda Polluter." (Though I would have spelled it "Luda Polluta.") Journalistic heavyweights Tom Brokaw and Bob Woodruff are also scheduled to contribute pieces.

There are also talks of a Tom Green-hosted game show, and much excitement surrounding coverage of Leo DiCaprio and friends' green rebuilding of tornado-ravaged Greensburg, Kansas.

Hopefully, Planet Green will be a big success and will bring more green into homes from coast to coast, inspiring, educating and motivating positive change.

To help generate buzz, Connecticut-based activist and aspiring environmental librarian Remy Chevalier came up with the idea of hosting Planet Green launch watching parties. So far the only organized one is Chevalier's own effort, hosted by Norwalk (CT) Greendrinks. But there is still time for others across the country to organize their own get-togethers.

If you do happen to be near Norwalk (about an hour outside of New York City) after 5:30 on June 4, stop on by the colorful, unique Pirate Restaurant and bar on 7 Wall Street. You can sip an organic cocktail or wine and check out the new shows on a big-screen TV. Sponsors include Arogya natural healing, Patagonia and other local businesses.

Even if you can't join others at a bar or neighbor's house, tune in June 4th to see what Planet Green has to offer.


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