A Simple Porridge Base with Many Yummy Uses

Use this porridge as a filling hot cereal or in cookies, brownies, puddings or other snacks.

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This versatile recipe can be used as cereals, puddings or formed into cookies or brownies. Experiment with this super food recipe and you can't go wrong for a quick meal or snack.

1 or 8 per pan depending on size

Organic almonds with skins
Organic salba/chia seeds oats and/or oat bran
Organic, unprocessed cocao nibs
Organic, soaked goldenberries
Any other organic fresh fruit, berry,herb or spice to taste to this base

1. Boil water 2 OR 3 cups per serving. Try different amounts of ingredients for the purpose you wish to use the base for.
2. Add oats/oat bran and simmer for at least 12 minutes.
3. Add ground almonds, cacao and berries and whisk in.
4. Turn off heat and add ground Chia seeds whisking briskly and adding water as needed for consistency desired.
5. Add ingredients as needed to turn the recipe from a base into thick cookie or brownie batter.

This recipe was contributed by The Daily Green's community of conscientious cooks. Share your tastiest, favorite recipes too!


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