5.21.2008 10:01 AM

Organics Get More Mainstream

Supervalu Grocery Stores Launches Its Own Organics Line

Supervalu Wild harvest produce.
Supervalu's new Wild harvest produce.
Photo: Supervalu

By Annie Bell Muzaurieta

Supervalu stores are recognizable to many Americans, with familiar supermarket chains such as Albertson's, Acme, Bigg's and Farm Fresh under its umbrella.

Now, the grocery store company hopes to bring moderately priced organics to those shoppers with Wild Harvest, its new line of organic foods.

Adam Graham, brand manager for Supervalu, said that the company found people were interested in feeding themselves and their families better, and were concerned about their community and the larger environment.

But in considering the purchase of organics, he said, people were concerned about the food having a different taste. He said consumers weren't sure there were products they'd be familiar with (he was actually asked about tofu french fries). They were also concerned about the affordability and convenience of finding organics.

Supervalu hopes its line of 168 items ranging from dairy and eggs to cookies and crackers to salad dressings will inspire consumers who have never purchased organic to start doing so.


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