7 Chocolate Recipes (Whether You Believe the Health Hype or Not)

A new analysis of seven previous studies finds that chocolate does seem to improve health.

dark chocolate pieces
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By Dan Shapley

A new analysis of chocolate health studies is creating a lot of buzz, like all the other chocolate health studies, for apparently showing that chocolate has real health benefits. In this case, the British Medical Journal study is a so-called meta-analysis of seven previous studies, found that those who eat a lot of chocolate have significantly fewer heart and cardiovascular problems than those who do not.

Nutritionist Marion Nestle, whose voice we always listen for on these matters, warns that this study still does not prove that eating chocolate causes better health outcomes, only that it's been associated with them.

"My conclusion: a little chocolate is delightful. A lot is not," she writes.

Whether you believe the health hype or not, you're probably salivating by now, so here's a list of some of our favorite chocolate recipes from the archive:


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