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Again NYC Barrel Bag

Designer Allison Teich of AgainNYC is famous for transferring 'junk to funk' by rescuing discarded vintage fabrics and converting them into chic and durable totes.

Eberjey O Girl 100% Cotton Jersey Intimates

Eberjey's 100% organic cotton jersey intimates line, O Girl, couldn't be softer and sweeter. Cute colors include pink and spearmint.

Under The Canopy Organic Cotton Kimono Robe

Give the gift of cozy warmth this holiday season with Under the Canopy's 100% Organic Cotton Interlock Kimono Robe.

iWood Sunglasses

iWood Sunglasses are carved from sustainable-growth woods like zebrawood, bamboo, bubinga and Makassar ebony. Each pair is hand-cut, hand-sanded, and hand-finished locally in the U.S.

Power Monkey Explorer Kit and Solar-Slave Charger

The Power Monkey Explorer Kit and Solar-Slave Charger from Earthtech Products can charge wherever, whenever. Compatible with the majority of standard mobile phones and electronic devices, the solar-slave can also be used to charge a plethora of digital devices, so your Gadget Geek will have back-up power as long as the sun shines.

Mac Book Pro

Apple's Mac Book Pro meets the requirements of Energy Star 4.0, and the company's free recycling program will take back any cellphones or computers you decide to replace -- regardless of manufacturer or model.

Gaiam Real Goods Solar Radio

With a Solar Radio from Gaiam Real Goods, take advantage of the built-in solar panel, or convert 30 seconds of hand cranking to 35 minutes of AM and FM broadcasts. Runs 25 hours on a full charge and has an LED indicator. For extra eco-benefits, your gadget geek will love the LED flashlight and an earphone socket.

Voltaic Solar Backpack

The Voltaic Solar Backpack keeps cell phones, sat phones, PDAs, GPSs, iPods and cameras going and going. Three solar panels deliver 4 watts of power. When the sun disappears, a built-in Li-ion battery pack takes over.

eGO Cycle

Dependable, fast and emission free, the eGO Cycle is the perfect gift for the urban commuter, college student or thrill seeker.

Recycled Cardboard Speaker Set

Fashionation Cardboard Speakers are made from 100% recycled materials. The stylish, compact design makes this music dock the perfect eco-travel companion.

Recycled Pure Malt Barrel Speakers

Who knew old whiskey barrels had excellent acoustic properties? This year, give a beautiful and resonant gift of Pure Malt Recycled Barrel Speakers from Pioneer, made from reclaimed barrel oak.

Recycled Vinyl Record Ipod Case

Now green hipsters can dress up their iPods with one-of-a-kind protective cases made using reclaimed vinyl records or cassette tapes. Made to fit iPods ranging from 20 GB to 80 GB, 45 iPod Cases are also composed of 40% recycled fiber felt and the highly sustainable eco-material cork.

Vespa GTV

According to the Federal Highway Administration, personal transportation in the U.S. accounts for 55% of all petroleum consumption. Save gas and scoot in style with the Vespa GTV.

Adventure Plus Tool

This pocket-sized gizmo from Gaiam carries out seven handy functions with a digital thermometer, magnifier, whistle and freeze-resistant compass. Environmental pro: a super bright LED flashlight.

Envirofit Jute Yoga Mat

Put your ecological footprint on the Envirofit Jute Yoga Mat from Gaiam. The mat's unique look and feel is created by combining eco-material jute's fibers with patented, phthalate-free PER plastic.

Everlast Effortless Strength Collection

Everlast has a softer and greener side with its newest eco-friendly athletic line, Effortless Strength. The collection includes tees, tanks, hoodies and yoga pants made from eco-material soybean -- yes, soybean!

Schwinn Bike

Give someone an extra pedal power boost with a Plug n' Drive Ebike from Schwinn. The easily removable battery charges fully in less than 4 hours.

Venture Storm Snowboard

Sustainable slopes leader Venture Snowboards makes its gear with wind power and natural materials such as hemp, organic cotton, fabric topsheets and sustainably harvested wood.

Eco-artware Recycled Cuff Links

Although manual typewriters are retired from daily use, your 'Retired Recycler' will get a kick out of these recycled typewriter-key cuff links from

Bambu Oblong Appetizer Trays

Handmade by Bambu, these Oblong Appetizer Trays are carved from 100% organically grown bamboo and veneered with natural food-safe wood oil.

Kiss My Face C The Change

Kiss My Face's C The Change Ester C Serum will soothe laugh lines with a sweet-smelling yet powerful antioxidant cream derived from organic herbs and ester C.

Kiss My Face Lip Balm

Santa knows if you've been naughty or nice. This Christmas be both with the Kiss My Face Holiday Lip Balm Duo Pack. It has no artificial colors or unnecessary chemicals, so you'll want to put some on and spend all Christmas underneath the mistletoe.

Pangea Organics Soaps

Relax with the scents of organic lemongrass, rosemary, geranium and Pyrenees lavender in Pangea Organics soaps. All their products are made in a zero waste process. Packaging consists of 100% postconsumer recycled paper, embedded with organic seeds so you can grow your own Pangea Garden at home. Simply slip off the label, soak the soap's box in water, and plant it in the earth.

Under The Canopy Gift Card

Support fair trade, organic cotton and your loved one's penchant for shopping with an Under the Canopy gift certificate. A leader in eco-chic fashions and linens, Under the Canopy offers a beautiful and luxurious selection of organic linens, apparel and baby gear.

Sweetriot Holiday Chocolate Tins

What could be sweeter than finding a Sweetriot Holiday Chocolate Tin in your stocking? Each antioxidant-packed morsel is a 'peace' of a cacao bean, coated in chocolate. They are bound to make any secret Santa happy.

Karma Champagne

'Live Consciously, Drink Consciously' is Karma Champagne's New Year's resolution. Ring in 2008 with Karma's tasty California Brut mini-champagne bottles, all made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Recycled Felt Bird Ornaments

Looking for a unique ornament? Made from 100% eco-certified felted wool, these colorful, festive swallows from Branch are great for any season, but will look fantastic on your Christmas tree, tabletop or centerpiece.

Motherboard Business Card Case

Give the gift of a good first impression with Motherboard's creative Business Card Cases. Rescuing 25,000 to 30,000 pounds of electronic material from landfills each year, Motherboard is known for its unique products formed from discarded circuit boards, TV sets, audio components, phones and computer parts.

Charms for Change: Darfur

Give a gift that benefits more than your recipient. 100% of the profits from this beautiful silver Africa charm necklace will go directly toward aiding victims of the ongoing Darfur genocide through the ABC Home and Planet Foundation.

Recycled Cassette Tape Ipod Nano-Case

Combine the technology of today with '80s retro-cool by giving someone on your list a funky recycled case for his or her iPod Nano from 45 iPod Cases. Made from discarded cassette tapes and rebuilt to protect first- and second-generation iPod Nanos, this gift will make any eco-hipster happy.

Plant-Me Pets

These quirky little creatures are more than amusing toys. With 'eyes' made of actual seeds (melon, tomato and pumpkin), these Plant-Me Pets can literally bloom when placed in soil. Just add some water and a little sun. The natural latex rubber will decompose. Ta-da!

English Retreads Keychains

Ever wonder what happens to discarded tires? Most end up in the landfill, but some lucky ones get hand-crafted by English Retreads into keychains. Always a good idea to carry a spare, so make sure you get two.

Josh Jakus Designed Winepocket

Made from factory excess wool and fiber, this clever eco-bag acts as a wine carrier and when not in use (perish the thought), folds flat for easy storage. Tote your favorite sustainable grape-infused beverage to your next party at a cost of $29 per bag.


Bambu Bowls

Handmade by Bambu, these beautiful bowls at Branch are made from 100% organically grown bamboo, nontoxic adhesive and natural, food-safe wood oil. These materials do not impart or absorb flavors, so they're great for salads and any eco-chef.

Dahon Speed P8

Biking is the greenest way to go. So give the athletic commuter in your life a Dahon Speed P8. The foldable frame will allow any commuter to ride in style, but stows away for the workday (or on public transit).

Woodland Pillow

Handmade by K Studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the stylish Woodland Pillow is composed of an outer shell of hemp and organic cotton and an interior of natural feathers and down. Branch carries a range of eye-catching, original colors and designs to fit any green-themed home.

Funkin Function Longboards

Funkin Function Longboards are made in Brooklyn from rescued premium local scrap hardwood (aka the leftovers from fancy furniture). Each skateboard is individually composed and assembled to provide optimal balance, strength, flexibility and an exhilarating ride.

Under the Canopy Organic Cotton Towels

Under the Canopy is known for luxurious, high-quality, comfortable organic cotton. Its 100% organic cotton towels are plush and cozy -- the perfect gift for any new homeowner or luxury-lover.

Vere Chocolates

Vere Chocolates can knock out any chocoholic's cravings. Made in a traditional chocolate shop in downtown New York City, Vere Chocolates offer a beautiful selection of organic, fair trade, vegan, gluten-free and all-around scrumptious options.
American Kennel Club Green Planet Collection
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American Kennel Club Dog Coat

American Kennel Club's Green Planet Collection is designed for eco-friendly pet owners as well as pint-size pups. Not only safe for your dog but also the planet, the line makes use of recycled materials: plastics, polyester stuffing and cardboard.
Harry Barker
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Harry Barker Organic Cotton Bone Toys

Harry Barker produces many of its adorable pet products from recycled plastics, polar fleece, organic cotton and hemp. Pet treats are delivered in sustainable packaging, some of which is even biodegradable. The best-selling Organic Cotton Bone Toy will make any earth-loving dog's tail wag.
Harry Barker
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Harry Barker Organic Cotton Christmas Stockings

Your pet will flip (yes, literally do flips in the air) for Harry Barker's vintage-inspired, retro print Christmas stockings for pets. They are made from 100% organic cotton canvas and are embroidered with 'Happy Holidays.'
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Bent Ply Feeder by Holden Designs

Give a gift that meets your pet's needs, while matching your aesthetic taste. Using the material-efficient ply-bent process, Holden Designs molds each feeder from a single piece of plywood.

Naughty and Nice Lil' Buds

Whichever the disposition, your pet will love these Naughty and Nice Lil' Buds from Planet Dog. A percentage of every Planet Dog purchase goes directly to help dogs and pet-lovers in need around the world.

The Original Orbee-Tuff Globe Ball

'Joy to the World' is what your dog would sing if he received this doggie-durable, buoyant and bouncy toy under the tree from Planet Dog. It's irresistible to dogs and the eco-conscious, because it's made of nontoxic ingredients and is 100% recyclable.

Orbee Tuff Snowball

The Orbee-Tuff Snowball won't melt. Made of Planet Dog's nontoxic, recyclable Orbee-Tuff material, this toy is so durable it will last through the spring thaw and right on past summer.

Planet Dog Big Red Bone

Actions speak louder than woofs. Planet Dog gives away a percentage of their profits to dog charities. Help them on their mission by giving your dog a Planet Dog Big Red Bone this Christmas.
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Prrounge Chaise

Prrounge Chaise Lounge

Created using recycled cardboard, paper, old cartons, woodchips, shavings and sawdust, the Prrounge Chaise Lounge from eco-designer Elizabeth Paige is strong enough for any clawing kitty, yet cozy and comfortable for long catnaps too. The corrugated texture provides a surface that is soft, breathable and durable for scratching. All adhesives are nontoxic.

Sojos Premium Organic Catnip

Holiday stress getting to your cat? Try giving him or her Sojos Premium Organic Catnip. The company says the organic ingredients produce a harmless euphoric state in cats that lasts 5 to 15 minutes.
West Paw Design
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Tree Hugger Toy from West Paw Design

Turn your dog into a treehugger. Made locally in the USA from recycled plastic soda bottles, this mini Christmas tree from West Paw Design is stuffed with nontoxic recycled fill.
Harry Barker
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Harry Barker Organic Cotton Bone Toys

Harry Barker produces many of its adorable pet products from recycled plastics, polar fleece, organic cotton and hemp. Pet treats are delivered in sustainable packaging, some of which is even biodegradable. The best-selling Organic Cotton Bone Toy will make any earth-loving dog's tail wag.