Today Is National Swap Day

Take advantage of this growing trend to get free stuff, or unload things you no longer need.

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Clothing swaps are a great way to get a fresh new look without spending any money, plus give away gently used items you aren't using anymore. Same thing goes for swaps of books, CDs, DVDs and many other items. What could be greener? Today, January 22nd, is being promoted as National Swap Day by

At least eight swap events are scheduled for National Swap Day, plus several more happening all over the country between now and February. Swap's founder Jeff Bennett blogged about it in the Huffington Post. Fox News also recently covered the associated Swapaholics.

Users of have reportedly participated in some 1.8 million exchanges, saving $11.6 million and reducing a carbon footprint by 10.5 million pounds.

Get involved in a swap near you, participate online or check it out on twitter at @NationalSwapDay and with #swaplove for #SwapDay.

Brian Clark Howard

Brian Clark Howard

Brian Clark Howard is The Daily Green's home and tips editor.
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