Need a Green Gift for a Trendsetter?

Gifts for Those at the Vanguard of Green Design and Technology
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Mini Green Power Station

Collect power from the wind and sun with HYmini's mini green power station. The handy gizmo uses renewable energy to charge its battery, which you can use to power a cell phone, MP3 player, iPod, PDA, digital camera or other 5-volt device. $49.99 at, 1-866-243-2275.

Fabrik (re)drive

Fabrik's (re)drive turns off when your computer does, its recycled aluminum enclosure dissipates heat, and it has an Energy Star-rated power supply -- all of which adds up to a 90% reduction in electricity demand. To boot, the drive's case is made from bamboo grown close to the Fabrik factory. Impressive! $119.99 at, 1-888-244-6594.

Eco Trends 5.1MP Digital Camera

Made from recycled materials and wrapped in recycled packaging, the Eco Trends Digi Camera lives up to its name. It even comes with rechargeable batteries and energy-saving settings. $69.99 at, 1-800-869-7787.

iPod Nano Cassette Case

Bring those retro mixtape days back with an Ipod Nano Case made from discarded Denon, Memorex and Maxell cassette tapes. $49 at Order your custom made case through

Vers Sustainable Wood Sound System

Handmade from sustainable bamboo, the Vers Sustainable Wood Sound System is both green and gorgeous. Packaged in 100% recycled content, each speaker set is designed to be broken down for easy recycling. $179.99 at, 1-603-654-2446.

LED Lamp

Shine some light on your trendsetter with this super stylish Z-Bar LED Lamp from Koncept. $129.95 at, 1-323-261-8999.

SolarVoltaic Laptop Charger Bag

With a shell and interior lining made from 100% recycled PET (soda bottles), the Voltaic Generator is the first solar energy-collecting bag powerful enough to charge a laptop. $599 at, 1-877-304-6861.

Dahon Curve D3 Foldable Bike

The best bike for squeezing onto crowded trains, planes and automobiles, the Dahon Curve D3 folds into a compact carry-on that won't weigh the eco-conscious commuter down. $529.95 at

Upcycled Floppy Disk Notepad

Made from postconsumer recycled paper and seemingly ancient floppy disks, these Recycled Floppy Disk Notepads are a radical throwback to early '80s technology. $5.95 each at, 1-888-562-8873.

USB Battery Charger

Give the gift of simple, reusable energy and prevent batteries from ending up in landfills with these AA rechargeables from Moixa Energy. These USBCells recharge straight from your computer's USB port. $20 at

Circuit Board Cuff Links

Made from discarded circuit boards, these glitzy cuff links are replete with techno-appeal. Make your guy the envy of his office mates. $125 for a set at, 1-877-326-2781.

ATP 4GB EarthDrive

ATP's fully recyclable USB flash drive is made from bio-recycled materials. To boot, ATP donates a portion of the profits to tree-planting and forest conservation organizations such as Global ReLeaf and American Forests. $29.99 at, 1-800-955-2292.

EcoShield iPhone Case

Shield trendy gadgets from harm with Agent18's EcoShield. Made from recycled plastic bottles and packaged in recycled materials, the EcoShield Iphone case comes in a range of recycled plastic colors, including black, white, pink, blue and green. $29.95 at

Cedar Laptop Bag

Protect your hardware in sustainable style with the Laptop Bag Kaku. Made from eco-friendly cedar, available in several varnishes, this laptop case is as durable as it is stylish. $389 at, 1-877-968-5892.

Smart Car

Finally the Smart Car has made its way across the pond! Give your trendiest loved one the Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle and you'll always get to ride shotgun. Starting at $11,590 at, 1-800-762-7887.

Pretty in Pink Neo Speakers

These mini speakers pump quality sound while staying environmentally sound. Each speaker is made from recycled paper and material otherwise destined for a landfill. $14.95 at, 212-840-8550.

iTunes Gift Certificate

Go digital -- it's clutter-free and avoids those non-recycleable CD jewel cases. Buy your tech-savvy trendsetter some redeemable $1 tunes at, 1-800-MY-APPLE.

Energizer USB Charger

Energizer's latest invention can recharge reusable batteries through a conventional wall socket or a computer USB port. Recharging is the way to go, keeping dead and dangerous batteries out of the landfill and money in your pocket. $20.74 at, 1-800-336-1166.


According to the Federal Highway Administration, personal transportation in the U.S. accounts for 55% of all petroleum consumption. Save gas and scoot in style with the Vespa GTV. $6,899 at, 1-800-631-1101.

Netflix Gift Certificate

Buying for a movie lover? Buy a Netflix subscription and satisfy their cinematic appetite -- without any trips to the strip mall -- for months to come. Gift certificates for one month ($16.99) or a year ($203.88), at, 1-866-579-7119.

Solar-Powered Bluetooth Headset

The Iqua SUN Bluetooth headset is a solar-powered headset that promises up to 12 hours of battery life, and can be recharged using the power of the mighty sun. Not only is it super cool looking, but this itty-bitty Bluetooth is compatible with just about every tech device you can imagine. $70 and see the full list of compatible devices at orangeaccessories.

Mada Guitar

Believe it or not, this slick and chic guitar is made from molded hemp -- a highly sustainable material that replaces traditional wood. For more information visit This one-of-a-kind model may not be for sale, but use it as a reminder to seek out unique, hand-crafted gifts from local artists, or those showcasing their work on Web sites like

Fusion Solar Messenger Bag

The Fusion solar messenger bag combines form and function with a stylish bag that can trickle charge your iPod, cell phone or other small electronic device. $189.95 at