Great Green Gifts for Pets

Fun, Eco-Friendly Pet Products for Dogs, Cats and More
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Scotty Dog Squeak Toy

What's black and white but green all over? This little Scotty Dog Squeak Toy is not only adorable and fun -- it's stuffed with nontoxic IntelliLoft, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. $14 at, 1-800-443-5567.

John Masters Organic DogPoo

Behold DogPoo, the world's first luxury organic dog shampoo! DogPoo deep-cleans naturally for a shiny coat that is not only luxurious but also wards off fleas and ticks with essential oils of neem, citronella, tea tree and eucalyptus. John Masters Organics donates $1 for every bottle sold to Animal Haven, a no-kill shelter in New York City. $20 at, 1-800-599-2450.

Recycled Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Throw your cat an eco-friendly fish bone! Made from recycled corrugated cardboard, this quirky scratching pad is a feline favorite. $13.95 at, 1-800-783-0977.

Orbee Tuff Eggplant Chew Toy

Planet Dog's Orbee-Tuff Produce Collection is made in the U.S. from nontoxic and fully recyclable rubber. But let's cut to the chase: Your dog will look delightfully silly trotting around with this eggplant. $9.95 at, 1-800-432-0545.

Go Green Dog Tee

Let your dog express himself in a Go Green Dog Tee from Muttropolis. Made from 100% organic cotton, each tee keeps Fido looking fine. $21 at, 1-888-688-8799.

Yeowww! Organic Catnip Candy Cane

Better than candy for your kitty, this candy cane is filled with 100% Yeowww! brand organically grown catnip. $9.99 at, 1-630-357-7621.

Eco-Me Cat Kit

Cats turn up their noses at the harsh chemicals in common cleaning supplies. Eco-Me's Cat Kit enables kitty owners to make safe and natural products from everyday kitchen ingredients and specially blended essential oils such as rosemary, citronella and lemongrass. $28 at, 1-800-432-0545.

Ruff-N-Tuff Reindeer

Made with an especially soft, silky fabric, recycled poly fill and an attention-grabbing squeaker, this reindeer is made for rough winter play. $12.95 at, 1-773-868-0200.

All Natural Birdie Catnip Toys

Keep your feline frisky and eco-friendly with 100% cotton canvas, azo-free dyed catnip toys. Each handmade toy is stuffed with all-natural catnip and hours of entertainment. $6 at, 1-800-444-2779.

Hemp and Recycled Plastic Fleece Dog Leash

Lead your dog to the great green way with this eco-friendly leash. Made of hemp, the leash is naturally rugged, while the matching collar is lined in cozy fleece made from recycled plastic. $17.99 at, 1-800-591-3869.
American Kennel Club
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Fleece Dog Sweatshirt

Keep your four-legged friend warm in the American Kennel Club's Green Planet Series Fleece Sweatshirt. Not only safe for your dog but also the planet, this sweatshirt makes use of recycled materials: plastics, polyester stuffing and cardboard. $18.99 at
Harry Barker
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Biodegradable Doggy Bags

Take care of business with Harry Barker's biodegradable doggy bags and handy dispenser. Each dispenser is made from 100% recycled plastic and includes a hook to attach to your dog's leash or collar. $10 per dispenser (including one roll) at, 1-800-444-2779.
West Paw Design
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Organic Cat Toy

One sniff of this and your cat will be flying like Santa himself. Each Santa Jams pajama toy is overstuffed with kitty-delicious 100% organic cat nip. $9 at, 1-800-443-5567.
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Repurposed Fabric Dog Harness

Dress your dog in a handsome harness handmade with repurposed fabric. Even the buckle is made from repurposed plastic! $30 at
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Fleece Pet Bed

Made from fleece derived from recycled plastic, this comfy pet bed reduces burden on landfills and natural resources while keeping your pet warm and cozy. $50 at
West Paw Design
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Ho Ho Hairball

Fuzzy faux fur, organically grown catnip and a classic red Santa fleece hat unite in the Ho Ho Hairball -- the perfect Holiday cat toy. $10 at, 1-800-443-5567.

Organic Dog Cookies

Low in fat, and made without wheat or corn, Monzies Organics Cookies for Dogs are as tasty as they are healthy. $8.95 at, 1-877-4-PAWLUX.

Dog Shampoo

Origins takes sustainability seriously by packing all of its product in recycled materials manufactured using renewable wind and hydro power. Keep your pup pristine with Origins Doggy Dip Silk Coat Dog Shampoo. $30 at, 1-800-ORIGINS.

Natural Pet Stain Remover

The perfect gift for any pet lover, Simple Solutions Natural Pet Stain Remover combines renewable corn-based ethanol, plant-based cleansers and natural bio-cultures to remove smelly stains. $11.99 at, 1-800-367-3647.
Harry Barker
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Organic Cotton Pet Stockings

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care... yes, pets believe in Santa too. Decorated with a retro cat-and-dog motif, these 100% organic cotton canvas stockings will make a fun, festive adornment to your mantle. $10 each at, 1-800-444-2779.

Recycled Cat Bed and Scratcher

Created using recycled cardboard, paper, old cartons, woodchips, shavings and sawdust, the Prrounge Chaise Lounge from eco-designer Elizabeth Paige is strong enough for any clawing kitty, yet cozy and comfortable for those long catnaps too. $280 at, 1-866-848-2840.
American Kennel Club
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Recycled Dog Toys

Your dog will love squeaking these life-like plush animals. You'll love that they're made from recycled materials. Choose from a zoo-full of options, from rabbits and ferrets to beavers and porcupines. $8.99 each at
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Vegetable Dyed Pet Collar

This simple yet chic pet collar is hand-colored with vegetable dyes in the U.S. Better still, it's non-running, non-staining and totally non-toxic. Your pet will look dashing. $21.50 at, 1-877-OLIVE-55.
The Cat Connection
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Organic Catnip Cigars

Feed your four-legged aficionado's fix. 100% organic cotton catnip rolled up as a premium cigar. Your cat will go wild for this adorable treat. $5.99 at, 1-866-386-6369.