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Dahon Speed P8

Biking is the greenest way to go. So give the athletic commuter in your life a Dahon Speed P8. The foldable frame will allow any commuter to ride in style, but stows away for the workday (or on public transit).

organic cotton bed sets from under the canopy
Under the Canopy
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Organic Cotton Bed Sets

Check out Under the Canopy's organic cotton shams, duvets, quilts, pillowcases and more.

Bamboo Serving Spoons

BranchHome, one set of spoon and fork $12

organic cotton pillowcases on pillows by under the canopy
Under the Canopy
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Organic Cotton Pillowcases

Under the Canopy, $36-$40

Clean Air Gardening
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Stainless Steel Compost Pail

Recycled Aluminum Bark Candlesticks

VivaTerra, $179

Under the Canopy
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Organic Cotton Duvets

Under the Canopy, $110-$150

Cork Serving Bowls

VivaTerra, $39.99

eGO Vehicles
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Electric Scooter

eGO Vehicles, $1,549-$2,149

Recycled Glass Vases

BranchHome, $314

Recycled Metal Thatched Bowls

VivaTerra, $69 - $329

Recycled Glass Pitchers

BranchHome, $158

Sustainable Wood Frames

VivaTerra, $139

Monique Pean Jewlery
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Monique Pean Jewlery

Jewelry designer Monique Pean works with found remains of walrus, caribou, baleen and 12,000-year-old woolly mammoth ivory. Pean avoids the exploitative mining industry by using 100% recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds. Ivory materials are discovered in melting ice caps, thus drawing attention to global warming. 10% of profits from Monique Pean's Bering Collection go to the Alaska Native Arts Foundation.

Under the Canopy
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His and Hers Organic Cotton Robes

Natural Rush Ottomans

Gaiam, $79

Acacia Wood Storage Cubes

Gaiam, $158-$198

Under the Canopy
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Organic Cotton Throw Pillows

Vere Organic Chocolates

Vere Chocolates can knock out any chocoholic's cravings. Made in a traditional chocolate shop in downtown New York City, Vere Chocolates offer a beautiful selection of organic, fair trade, vegan, gluten-free and all-around scrumptious options.

Lucky Crow Gift Bags

Use, reuse and reuse again. There's nothing wrong with regifting these fabric gift bags from Lucky Crow. In fact, it's encouraged.

Seed Paper Invitations

If you're a stickle for paper invitations insist on recycled paper, or use plantable paper invites. The adorable onesie-style invites shown here-- perfect for a baby shower-- are made from seed paper that your guests can plant and watch grow into wildflowers. From Swallow Tail Farms.

Other sources:
Botanical Paper Works
Plantable Paper

Woodland Pillow

Handmade by K Studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the stylish Woodland Pillow is composed of an outer shell of hemp and organic cotton and an interior of natural feathers and down. Branch carries a range of eye-catching, original colors and designs to fit any green-themed home.

Funkin Function Longboards

Funkin Function Longboards are made in Brooklyn from rescued premium local scrap hardwood (aka the leftovers from fancy furniture). Each skateboard is individually composed and assembled to provide optimal balance, strength, flexibility and an exhilarating ride.

Bamboo Bowls

Handmade by Bambu, these beautiful bowls at Branch are made from 100% organically grown bamboo, nontoxic adhesive and natural, food-safe wood oil. These materials do not impart or absorb flavors, so they're great for salads and any eco-chef.

Under the Canopy
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Organic Cotton Sheet Sets

Under the Canopy, sets range from $120-$190

Under the Canopy
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Organic Cotton Towels

Under the Canopy, $8 and up.

Resource Rivival
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Hybrid Clock

Give a retired biycycle another ride, so to speak. Made by Resource Revival from old bicycle parts, this clock will keep time and remind any bike lover of his or her favorite activity.

Green With Glamour
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Honeysuckle Dreams Organic Stuffed Animal

Bunnys aren't only for Easter. This 100% organic cotton and naturally stuffed bunny from Honeysuckle Dreams is supersoft and completely safe.

Lotuspad Yoga Mats for Kids

Kids love to join you in yoga. Let them become little warrior ones with these Lotuspad PVC-free and nontoxic mats. Made from thermoplastic elastomer, these mini mats won't release heavy metals and other dangerous pollutants into the environment during manufacturing and disposal.

One World Projects
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Make Your Own Chocolate Kit

A delicious treat, fun and rainforest education will come from a Make Your Own Chocolate Kit from One World Projects. Inside each box you'll find: organic cocoa butter, cocoa powder, confectioners' sugar, starter crystals, a temperature indicator, paper candy liners, instructions, and the story of chocolate.

Power Monkey Explorer Kit and Solar-Slave Charger

The Power Monkey Explorer Kit and Solar-Slave Charger from Earthtech Products can charge wherever, whenever. Compatible with the majority of standard mobile phones and electronic devices, the solar-slave can also be used to charge a plethora of digital devices, so your Gadget Geek will have back-up power as long as the sun shines.

USB Rechargeable Batteries

Give the gift of simple, reusable energy and prevent batteries from ending up in landfills with these AA rechargeables from Moixa Energy. These USBCells recharge straight from your computer's USB port.

Voltaic Solar Backpack

The Voltaic Solar Backpack keeps cell phones, sat phones, PDAs, GPSs, iPods and cameras going and going. Three solar panels deliver 4 watts of power. When the sun disappears, a built-in Li-ion battery pack takes over.

Mac Book Pro

Apple designed the Mac Book Pro to minimize energy consumption and meet the strict requirements of Energy Star 4.0 Apple's free recycling program will also take back any cellphones or computers you decide to replace this year -- regardless of manufacturer or model.

Beautiful Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo isn't a tree. In fact, it is a giant grass that grows at a rapidly renewable rate. Teragren's Signature Naturals Bamboo Flooring, shown here in Flat Grain Caramelized, is sustainably harvested at maturity (5.5 to 6 years) and then manufactured according to stringent U.S. and European environmental standards.

Teragren's floors boast a beautiful glare and streamlined sophistication, making them the perfect alternative to newly harvested hardwood floors. Available at

Linoleum's Green Comeback

Who knew this '50s staple was also eco? (Check out those great colors from Forbo!) A combination of linseed oil, rosins, wood and cork flour, linoleum is constructed from all-natural ingredients that require relatively little energy to harvest. Best of all, linoleum is void of toxins and largely biodegradable, which means you don't have to feel guilty if you want to make a change. For a wide range of linoleum options, check out themarmoleumstore.

Armstrong's Linoleum with NATURCote

To kick linoleum to the highest eco level, consider Armstrong's Linoleum with NATURCote. The flooring is made of all-natural materials including linseed oil, powdered wood, cork, ground limestone, resins, drying agents and pigments -- all of which are affixed to a backing of jute fiber. Armstrong's Linoleum with NATURCote also boasts organic ingredients that naturally protect your flooring from both chemicals and everyday wear and tear, reducing the long-term environmental impact of maintenance, cleaning and renovation. Visit Armstrong for more information.

Martha Stewart FLOR Carpet

Martha Stewart knows a thing or two about sustainability. Not only does the domestic diva advocate CFLs and shopping BYOB (bring your own bag), but now Martha is teaming up with environmentally responsible flooring company FLOR to release a special collection of green carpet tiles. The carpet is made of 15.9 percent recycled and bio-based content. Better, it's modular, so you won't waste time, money and materials on installation. Now that's a GOOD thing. For more of Martha Stewart's beautiful FLOR designs visit

Cork Flooring

Cork is nontoxic, nonallergenic and does not attract pests such as termites. Best of all, cork is completely sustainable and easily recyclable because it comes directly form the outer bark of the cork oak tree. Therefore, it negates the need to cut down trees, allowing them to continue releasing oxygen. Cork's versatility and buoyancy make it an excellent flooring choice. Pictured here, a cork floor installation by
Freshaire Choice
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Freshaire Choice No VOCs Paint

Available exclusively at the Home Depot, ICI Paints' Freshaire Choice paint is certified at the highest level for 'Children and Schools' by the Greenguard Environmental Institute and it releases no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Freshaire Choice was designed to be long lasting and durable, comes in recycled packaging, comes in 66 gorgeous colors and it's backed with a lifetime warranty.

AFM Safecoat Paint

Dress up your dry wall with a safe coat of AFM's Ayurveda Essence paint. Based on the ancient Indian medicinal art of Ayurveda, the line is toxin free, while boasting holistic health properties. Each palette is said to inspire a person's organic 'dosha' or energy.

Safecoat is available at a variety of green specialty retailers, including Green Depot and the Environmental Home Store. To find a dealer near you, search

Benjamin Moore
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Benjamin Moore Aura Paint

Decorate your world with Benjamin Moore's Eco Spec products. Used by some of the most respected green designers, Eco Spec is 100% acrylic, which means it sticks and lasts. That also means it's low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odor.

Benjamin Moore's Eco Spec is therefore an excellent choice for interior projects requiring easy cleanup, fast turnaround and no headaches. Check out

Olympic Premium Interior Paint

For a true flat finish with a zero volatile organic compound formula, use Olympic's Premium Interior Paint line. Though available to the masses at more than 1,520 Lowe's superstores, Olympic's Premium Interior Line is far from commonplace. Colors like Turquoise Mist, Blue Odyssey, Allspice and Burning Bush make walls original and equally organic. To learn more about the fresh selection, visit Lowes.
Sherwin- Williams
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Sherwin Williams Harmony Interior Latex

Completely VOC free, Harmony from Sherwin Williams is available in a wide range of textures, glosses and hues. Some colors are so natural they're even made from safe and sustainable materials like soy and sunflower oil. Deliciously organic style doesn't have to come at a high price. The Harmony line stays true to Sherwin Williams's promise: quality at an affordable price. Find your color at Serwin-Williams.
Sherwin Williams
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Sherwin Williams Duration Home Interior Latex

Stop being a wallflower. Sherwin Williams's Duration Home Interior Latex is specially formulated to be low in odor and volatile organic compounds. Best of all, the paint naturally resists mildew, and most stains wipe clean with mild soap and water. With walls so easy to clean, you'll avoid harsh chemicals and frequent repaints. The Duration Home Line is available at all Sherwin Williams stores. Find one near you at Sherwin Williams.

Flip-Flop Nesting Boxes

Get more flip for your flop with these unique, colorful storage boxes handmade in the Philippines with scrap foam rubber from flip-flop factories. These nesting baskets are perfect for holding anything from toys to towels to...well...even flip-flops. $135 at, 1-888-365-0056.

Soda Glasses

These conversation pieces are conservation pieces, too. These amber tumblers are made in Wisconsin from assorted Boylan's soda bottles. $34 for a set of 4 at, 1-866-491-5156.

Telephone Wire Basket

Handmade by a group of Zulu weavers, these one-of-a-kind baskets are woven from scraps of insulated copper telephone wire. $135 at, 1-877-326-2781.

Silver Beer/Soda Can Cuff

Upcycle with bracelets made from real beer or soda cans. Coated with 100% sterling silver, each bracelet is snag-free. $99.99 at, 1-866-491-5156.

Cassette Tape Wallet

Relive the '80s with this sweet little throwback to the days when cassette tapes were king. Made from discarded Denon, Memorex and Maxell cassette tapes, each wallet is handmade and eclectic -- just like your taste in music. $39 to $43 at

Record Label Coasters

Hark back to the days of old-time rock 'n' roll with these repurposed vinyl record label coasters. $20 for a set of 12 at, 1-877-326-2781.

Pen Nib Cuff Links

Handmade from recycled Esterbrook pen nibs from the 1940s, these distinguished silver or gold cuff links make the perfect gift for writers, pen collectors or those who simply sign on the dotted line. $125 at, 1-877-571-4400.

Upcycled Tire Messenger Bag

Passchal Accessories Company has repurposed more than 20 tons of inner tubes to date. This Passchal Original Messenger Bag is created from discarded tractor inner tubes and comes complete with an automatic LED light that illuminates the interior of the bag, but shuts off automatically when the bag is closed. $225 at, 1-888-618-8619.

Field Guide Bird House

This fabulous fantasy birdhouse, inspired by nature field guides, is decoupaged and crafted entirely by hand using books discarded from libraries. $62.50 at, 1-800-809-9880.

Flattened Wine Bottle Platter

Cut the cheese on this Flattened Wine Bottle Platter. A fantastic gift for any wine and cheese lover, each repurposed bottle comes with a decorative label and pewter knife. $15 at, 1-800-808-1630.

Circuit Board Cuff Links

Made from discarded circuit boards, these glitzy cuff links are replete with techno-appeal. Make your guy the envy of his office mates. $125 for a set at, 1-877-326-2781.