30 Great Green Gifts for Under $20

Budget Shopping at Its Sustainable Best
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Staple-free Stapler

Go staple free! These adorable staple-free staplers hold paper in place by cutting a small notch and folding a small flap within the document's corner. It's seamless, easy and a great way to cut back on otherwise wasted natural resources like steel, the metal most commonly used to make staples. $7.99 at thinkgeek.com, 1-888-433-7883.

Riverkeeper Water Bottle

Riverkeeper is the iconic environmental group that started, by fighting to clean up the Hudson River, an international movement to protect water with riverkeeper, waterkeeper, baykeeper and related organizations all over the world. Now, you can support the original Riverkeeper in its effort to remind New Yorkers that the upstate water supply is cleaner and better protected than the water from any plastic bottle with this trendy stainless steel reusable bottle. $20 at riverkeeper.org.

Recycled Plastic Umbrella

Totes Recycled Plastic Eco Umbrella is made from bamboo shaft and recycled plastic. $17.99 target.com, 1-800-591-3869.

Green & Black's Organic Chocolate Gift Bag

Available in 70% Dark and Milk Chocolate, these delicious organic chocolates come wrapped in an elegant bag -- perfect stuffing for any stocking. $4.99 a bag at greenandblacks.com.

Biodegradable Indoor Garden Kit

The Biodegradable Indoor Garden Kit comes complete with all the necessary tools to grow flavorful heirloom herbs on any windowsill. Artfully wrapped in a pot made entirely of renewable grain husks and organic pigments, it makes a great housewarming gift or "little something" for a friend. $15.50 at delight.com.

Circuitboard Business Card Case

This techno-savvy little business card case, made from a discarded circuit board, will make you the envy of all the CEOs in your peer set. $19.99 at thinkgeek.com, 1-888-433-7883.

EcoJot Notebooks

EcoJot notebooks are all the rage, with wildly original patterns printed with veggie based inks on 100% postindustrial waste. $8.05-$11.95 at barnesandnoble.com, 1-800-843-2665.

Red Bean Holiday Cards

E-cards are a great way to cut down on holiday waste, but if you send cards, try Red Bean's beautiful and stylish cards made from FSC-certified 100% recycled paper. 12 for $18 at shoprebean.com.

Leaf Wire Earrings

Made by Jim Clift Design, these tiny leaf earrings are lighthearted, lightweight and in limited supply. All proceeds benefit the African Wildlife Foundation. $10 at awf.org or 800-901-2779.

Reusable Shopping Bag in a KeyChain

Have a forgetful friend? Give him the MiniMax Reusable Shopping Bag KeyChain so he'll never have to remember the mantra BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag). $8.99 at containerstore.com, 1-888-266-8246.

Recycled Newspaper Colored Pencils

Made from 100% recycled newspaper -- not wood -- Smencils sharpen just like wood pencils, but smell much better. You can even see the bits of newspaper as you sharpen them! Sniff up a set of 10 Colored Smencils in orange, cherry, bubble gum, peppermint, fruit punch, watermelon, grape, pineapple, root beer, and cinnamon. $13.50 at uncommongoods.com, 1-888-365-0056.

Water-Powered Clock

Powered by water, not batteries, this energy-friendly clock is the greenest way to tell time. $16 at bedolwhatsnext.com, 1-909-399-9000.

Support Your Local Farmer T-shirt

Wear your support for local agriculture on your sleeve (or chest) with one a Support Your Local Farmer T-shirt, made by New Hampshire pick-your-own Strawberry farmer Harry Lewis. $13.95 at supportlocalfarmers.com.

Recyclable Toothbrushes

Preserve teeth and the planet with Preserve's Recycled Plastic Toothbrush Subscription. The subscription includes 4 toothbrushes -- and the mailing materials to return your old toothbrush for recycling. $11 at recycline.com, 1-888-354-7296.

Organic Animal Cracker Mix

Stuff their stocking with a homemade circus of tiny animal crackers. William-Sonoma's Organic Animal Cracker Mix is a delicious combination of premium organic wheat flour, sugar, vanilla and nutmeg for a subtle hint of spice. $12 at williams-sonoma.com, 1-877-812-6235.

Bike Chain Bottle Opener

This Recycled Bike Chain Bottle Opener is so fun to use you'll wish twist-offs had never been invented. Handcrafted from flexible discarded bike chain and a colorful anodized aluminum, it's the perfect way to pop open a cold one. $14 at resourcerevival.com, 1-800-866-8823.

Ellie Pooh Stationery

Mr. Ellie Pooh makes paper from 75% Sri Lankan elephant dung. Really. Stationery comes in reusable hand-made baskets ... and, no, it doesn't smell. $10 or three for $25 at mrelliepooh.com.

Holiday Cleaning Kit

As with all Mrs. Meyer's cleaning supplies, this festive Holiday Cleaning Kit is biodegradable, phosphate-free and never tested on animals. Flavored and fragranced with natural essential oils of ginger and cinnamon, the set will leave a lasting impression long after Christmas. $20 at organize.com, 1-800-600-9817.

Organic Hand-crafted Soaps

Go naked with Naked Bar Soaps -- a mild, hypoallergenic and organic line. Handmade from natural materials like hemp, rosemary extract and olive oil, each soap is unique and made in the USA. $4 per bar at tomorrowsworld.com, 1-800-229-7571.

Plantable Calendar

Start the new year off right with Botanical Paperwork's Plantable Calendar. At the end of the month, plant the seed-embedded calendar page, add water and wait for Bird's Eye, Clarkia, Coreopsis, Poppy, Catchfly and Snap Dragon flowers to bloom. $24.95 at botanicalpaperworks.com, 1-877-956-7393.

Plantable Pets

Quirky Plant-Me Pets have seeds for eyes. If your little one ever tires of her toy, she can literally bury, water it and place it in the sun until a melon, tomato or pumpkin vine grows in it's place. $19.99 at perpetualkid.com, 1-888-282-7115.

Recycled Cotton Thank You Note Cards

When was the last time you received a handwritten thank you note? Encourage your friends and family to renew the lost art of correspondence with Cranes sophisticated and sustainable Recycled Cotton Thank You Cards. $13 per pack at katespaperie.com, 1-800-809-9880.

Organic Ambrosia Honey

Organic raw honey makes a tasteful gift. Try Sunflower Organics' "delectable, edible and spreadable" Ambrosia, a mix of raw California wildflower honey and bee pollen. $10 per 16 oz bottle at honeybeepollen.com, 1-619-263-5203.

Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Set

Stop wasting bags -- of all kinds. This beautifully designed Porcelain Mug comes with a stainless steel tea strainer so your tea-lover can steep the old fashioned way, and forgo the disposable bag. 15.95 at ecokitchen.com, 1-626-969-3707.

Air Mail Wallet

The amusing wallet is made from Tyvek, a 100% recyclable and virtually indestructible material created from recycled milk and water containers. Pick from a wide range of colors, sizes and motifs. $15 at 3rliving.com.

Soy Vanilla Peppermint Candles

Made from 100% eco-soy wax and infused with essential oils of savory peppermint and vanilla, this candle holds a sensational and sustainable scent. $20 at Hollybeth, 1-866-681-1656.

Vegan Hot Chocolate

Made with cocoa liquor from raw squeezed cocoa beans, Imtemperantia's Vegan Hot Chocolate mix is perfect for a cozy "pick-me-up" on a cold winter's day. $16 at intemperantia.com, 1-800-982-0088.

Hairy-eared Dwarf Lemur

Raise awareness about one of the rarest, smallest and cutest primates in the world with this organic cotton stuffed hairy-eared dwarf lemur. $16.99 at xecoshop.com, 1-586-510-0012.

Hand-crafted Beaded Key Chain

Made by Dupoto's Women Group of Kenya, these hand-crafted beaded keychains are made by the Beads for Education program, which works to educate African women, support women-owned businesses and teach communities about environmental protection. $10 at awf.org.

Safety Pin Bracelet

These bracelets are made entirely from safety pins by Art Out of Africa, all proceeds benefit the African Wildlife Foundation. $5.50 at awf.org or 800-901-2779.