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Stay informed with our coverage of breaking environmental news.

California Restaurant Caught Serving Endangered Whale
    A California restaurant was caught serving endangered whale meat.

Children Are the Future AND Our Future Health Care Costs
    Environmental hazards cause chronic health conditions in children and future health care costs.

Why It May Cost Us More NOT to Eat Organic
    Money spent on eating healthy could save us on even higher health care expenses later on.

7 Ways to Make Your Beach Outing Eco-Friendly
    By keeping these tips in mind, a day at the beach can be enjoyable for you and easy on the eco-system.

Meat Recall
    A New Jersey firm recalls ground beef products due to E. coli.

10 Ways to Help Save the Oceans
    Don't Eat Shark Fin Soup: Check. But What Else Can You Do to Celebrate National Ocean Month?

Water Works
    Will You Celebrate World Ocean Day Like These Celebrities?

The Carrotmob Campaign
    One Environmentally Conscious Consumer Hopes to Revolutionize the Way We Shop.

Critical Pesticide Program Cut
    The USDA is eliminating a program that many groups rely on to track pesticide use and safety -- but why?

Feed 100 on Your Next Trip to Whole Foods
    Whole Foods stores nationwide will start selling a new bag designed by the model and niece of President Bush, Lauren Bush.

The Daily Green and's Heart-of-Green Reader Poll

Missouri Milk Labels
    Will Label Law Deter Farmers From Seeking Organic Certification?

Drinking Responsibly
    Do You Know Where Your Wine Came From?

Alzheimer's or Long-Ago Lead Poisoning?
    Dr. Brian Schwartz has conducted research that indicates that long-ago lead poisoning may be a root cause of Alzheimer's disease in later life.

Mystery Blob in Maine Puzzles City Workers
    A mysterious 90 foot long blob of unknown origin is blocking the sewers in Lewiston, Maine.

How Green Do You Want to Be?