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Keep your home clean and safe with our eco friendly cleaning tips.

Steep Reduction in Suspect Chemical Detected
    A new study finds PBDE flame retardant levels found in pregnant women in biomonitoring studies has dropped.

Tips for Starting a Green Home Renovation
    Try these green home renovation tips.

How to Fill Your Aquarium Without Wrecking Coral Reefs
    Petco has agreed to policies designed to limit the damage to coral reefs and wild ecosystems of finding home aquarium fish for the pet trade.

New Tips for Buying Natural Insect Repellents
    Infographic showing buying tips for natural insect repellents.

Formaldehyde Risk to Decrease in Home Furnishings
    Wooden composite home furnishings, like cabinetry and furniture, should have less formaldehyde under new EPA rules proposed recently.

The Energy Hog In Your Wireless Internet Connection
    Energy efficient wireless Internet routers and modems could save one-third of our $1 billion energy bill for these devices.

New Energy Star Standards Set for Pool Pumps
    New Energy Star program for pool pumps will allow consumers to save up to $160 per year on energy costs.

Thousands of Pesticides Approved Despite Uncertain Safety Testing
    Risky pesticides have been approved using a loophole that may allow widespread use of toxic chemicals that haven't been thoroughly tested for effects on human health or the environment.

Study Explains Seasonal Spike in Childhood Lead Levels
    Lead-contaminated dust may be the reason children's blood lead levels spike in summertime.

EWG Updates Online Buying Guide to Home Water Filters
    Finding the best home water filter is made easier by an updated online database compiled by Environmental Working Group.

Partial Mouse Poison Ban Leaves Wildlife at Risk
    An EPA rule will limit accidental poisoning of children and pets at home from rat poison, but wildlife is still at risk.

Company Pays for Lacing Wild Bird Feed with Toxic Pesticide
    Scotts Miracle Gro settled a federal case alleging that it had used a pesticide that is toxic to birds in wild bird feed.

'Safe' Level of Lead in Blood Lowered by Half
    Lead poisoning can happen at lower doses than previously recognized by federal authorities.

Wooden Musical Playsets Recalled
    Wooden musical tables made by Battat are being recalled because of a choking hazard.

How to Test for Lead Dust Following a Home Renovation Project
    How to test for lead dust - a clearance test. The EPA chose not to require that contractors perform this test, but homeowners may require it in the contract before starting home renovation projects.

How to Take Care of Flowers
    Follow these simple tips to make cut flowers last longer.

27 Natural Sleep Aids that Promote Better Health
    Natural sleep aids will get you those eight hours and improve your health.

8 Simple Ways to Get Free Heat from Winter Sun
    Take advantage of the power of passive solar heating.

How to Prevent Ice Dams and Winterize Historic Homes
    Make sure your historic home is protected from the ravages of snow and ice.

5 Ways Grocers Can Ensure Reusable Bags Don't Contain Lead
    The founder of Envi Reusable Bags is asking the industry to take a closer look at contaminants after distressing media reports.

Tax Bill Would Slash Home Energy Efficiency Tax Credits by Two Thirds
    Act now to take advantage of expiring tax credits for home energy efficiency improvements.

The 3 Best Solar Panels for Your Home
    The best solar panels for your home reviewed, from SunPower, Westinghouse Solar and Kyocera.

5 Easy Ways to Green Your Office and Save Money
    It's easier than you may think to green your business.

Ed Begley, Jr. Wants YOU to Save Money with New Green Home Products
    The celebrity actor and green spokesperson Ed Begley Jr. shares tips and inspiration on green home products in this exclusive TDG video.

Lead Found in More Reusable Shopping Bags
    Lead has been found in reusable plastic shopping bags from several stores. Regulators are taking a closer look, as are stores.

Recycle Old Windows Into Something Great
    Transform old wooden windows into works of art, mirrors and other cool stuff.

How to Apply for Home Renovation Tax Credits
    Act now to take advantage of expiring tax credits for home energy efficiency improvements.

3 Ways to Get Paid for Cost-Saving, Green Home Upgrades
    Take advantage of funding for green home renovations through Energy Efficient Mortgages, PACE funding and HUD 203K loans.

Easy Home Lighting Retrofits That Payoff Fast
    Home lighting retrofits save money and energy. Discover new LEDs, CFLs, motion sensors, dimmers and much more.

The Best Way to Remove Odors From Your Refrigerator
    Baking soda does work well to neutralize odors in the refrigerator or freezer. Find out how to make it work better, and if activated carbon or another material may be more powerful.

Six Simple Green Cleaners Anyone Can Make
    Get easy green cleaning recipes for using vinegar, baking soda, lemons, olive oil and more. With your own green cleaners, there's no need to buy or use toxic chemicals.

How to Recycle Your Used Cosmetics
    Learn how to recycle your used cosmetics once you finish them.

6 Natural Stain Removers for the Toughest Stains
    Remove stains with natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals by following these easy green stain remover tips.

Use Soap, Not Body Wash, for a Greener Clean
    Why choosing bar soap instead of body wash is the greenest option, and a list of dangerous chemicals to avoid in either product.

What Do Consumers Really Think About Efficient Lighting?
    The second annual Osram Sylvania Socket Survey reveals how consumers feel about CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs), LEDs (light emitting diodes) and other efficient lighting technology.

The Next Steps for Real Job Creation
    Tax incentives and green building can help create new jobs, especially green jobs.

Revive Real Estate and Create Green Communities in One Fell Swoop
    Green Real Estate Education is working to educate mortgage professionals, Realtors and others in the business about the benefits of green building.

Rebuilding Trust and Value: 2 Ways to Heal the Real Estate Industry
    Create greater real estate property value by going green, listening to the industry and offering better incentives.

Creating Our Own (Green) Bailout for the Troubled Housing Market
    We need to create our own bailout of the housing market by going green, with green building, energy efficiency and the education and incentives to make it happen.

EPA to Set Strict Rules for Home Renovation to Prevent Lead Poisoning
    Eight questions to ask before renovating to prevent lead poisoning.

Watch Out for Prickly Lettuce, the Invasive Weed Appearing All Over the Country
    Prickly lettuce is an invasive species that's a pervasive weed across much of America.

How to Boost Your Home's Value Before a Sale by Going Green
    Tips for getting more value out of your home by boosting energy efficiency and other green features. Green homes tend to sell for higher prices than conventional homes in the same neighborhood.

The Real Estate and Mortgage Industries Will Survive! Going Green Will Help
    Green broker Kerry Mitchell gives her roadmap for success in real estate and the mortgage industry. Going green is definitely part of it.

Shopping for an Energy-Efficient Appliance? Good — But Wait to Buy
    New energy efficiency standards will be expedited for a range of consumer products, starting with lamps.

More Energy Efficent Lamps Coming to the Market
    New energy efficiency standards will be expedited for a range of consumer products, starting with lamps.

It's Time for Us All to Go Back to School
    Kerry Mitchell of Green Real Estate Education shares her thoughts on green jobs, stimulating the economy and recovering the real estate sector through promoting healthy green building.

Greening the Real Estate Sector, One Agent, Lender and Homeowner at a Time
    Kerry Mitchell and Green Real Estate Education have been working to bring energy-efficient, green homes to the mainstream real estate industry.

An Oasis of Native Plants in the Heart of NYC
    Discover native plants in the heart of New York City at the Union Square Native Plant Display Garden. Marielle Anzelone of NYC Wildflower Week explains the benefits to wildlife and ecology of native plants.

Earth Day Could Mark a Green Tipping Point for the Real Estate Industry
    Green Real Estate Education is gearing up for Earth Day by offering training in green building to the real estate industry.

Green Real Estate Education Booms Despite Bad Economy
    Kerry Mitchell's Green Real Estate Education is booming, offering training on green building, energy efficiency, tax incentives and more to real estate professionals, to take advantage of going green.

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