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For Gift Wrapping, Use Fabric and Yarn
    Take a trip to the fabric store or dig through your closet to find the perfect gift wrapping for any special occasion.

Reuse Packaging as Free Food Wrap
    Try this handy way to reuse food wrap in the kitchen.

6 Simple Steps to a Greener Kitchen
    The kitchen is the heart of the home, and going greener has many benefits for you and your family.

Website Helps You Follow Burn Bans and See When It's OK to Light a Fire
    When to Burn website makes it easy to monitor local air quality.

Traditional Dakota Woman Shows How to Reuse Packaging
    Recycling and reusing is thrifty and mindful.

Give the Gift of Green
    A bag of reusable items makes a good last-minute gift for someone who thinks they can't afford to "go green."

Pandan Leaf, a Common Ingredient in Asian Cooking, Repels Roaches
    Also known as screw pine, pandan leaf is a home remedy for roaches.

New Energy Star Metal Roofs Are Efficient and Durable
    Metal roofing has several benefits, and it can be readily upgraded with solar panels.

Eat Well and Support American Farmland During Dine Out for Farms Week
    Eating local and supporting America's farms is a great way to consume fresh produce, maintain a healthy lifestyle and help our fellow neighbors. Support Dine Out for Farms Week and help support America's local farms.

Swap Clothes With Friends, Help Women in Need
    Swap for Good is a clothing swap program that also raises money for domestic violence shelters.

Choose Safer Paint Strippers and Varnish Removers
    Soy-based and biodegradable paint strippers and non-toxic varnish removers with little or no volatile organic compounds and chemicals.

Jettison Junk Mail
    Free mailboxes of wasted paper: stop junk mail. It's easy.

7 Steps to Becoming a Green Adventurer
    Adventure travel is on the rise, and offers some amazing opportunities. Here's how to go responsibly.

Crochet Plastic Bags
    Recycle plastic bags by crocheting them into craft shopping bags.

Make Your Dishwasher More Efficient
    Use these tips to save energy and water while using your dishwasher!

Find a Cheap Room, or Rent Yours for Cash makes cheap rooms easy: crashing the pads of locals is the new luxury hotel, an eco-alternative way to travel and vacation.

"Foil" the Grime of a Dirty Grill
    Use foil for a chemical-free way to clean up after a great outdoors grilling.

Karate Chop Those Chargers
    In a plugged world, remember to unplug your cellphone, laptop, iPad and all other electronic devices. You'll save energy and money by slaying the vampire effect (aka phantom load).

Play During the Day!
    Save energy by playing more sports in the day, and conserve electricity at athletic stadiums.

Host a Farm-to-Table Potluck Dinner
    Throw a green, environmentally friendly potluck dinner for your friends and family! Watch documentaries, play nature board games and enjoy each other's company while celebrating the Earth.

Biodegradable Bags for Dogs
    Use biodegradable pet waste bags, and other tips to help your pets go green!

Use Off-Peak Electricity, Save Money
    Use your appliances in off-peak hours to save energy and reduce strain on the power grid.

Save Money Almost Anywhere
    Easy tips for saving money and energy at home, in the car and while shopping at the store.

Easy Quilting With Scrap Fabric
    Here's a simple quilting tip: use leftover scrap fabric and newspaper.

Save 75% on Cooling
    Swamp coolers (evaporative coolers) are efficient ways to cool the air without air conditioning.

Eat More Honey!
    Local and raw honey has many benefits, for your health, the environment and your communities.

    Volunteering for the environment is a great way to help out and have fun. You could plant an organic garden, recycling, organize petitions and much more.

Freecycle for Free and Eco-friendly Stuff
    Save money, prevent waste and have fun with

Decrease Heat Loss Without Spending Money
    Plastic shower curtains can be repurposed as window insulation for a quick, cheap way to keep the home warm and save energy.

Save Money in the Shower
    If you can shave just 1.5 minutes a day in the shower, you're saving 150 gallons of water a month (and the cost of it).

Keep Your Own Corporate Black List
    Every felt powerless as a consumer? Create your own corporate black list.

Old Makeup, New Storage
    Clean cosmetic sets for reuse with hot water and lemon for a new mini storage.

A Cleaning Fabric with Superpowers
    Microfibers and water is a cheap and effective way to a cleaner home. Easy green cleaning tools.

Freshen Up Your Fridge With This Natural Scent
    Orange peels can be a great, natural substitute for baking soda to deodorize refrigerators.

Old Newspaper=New Kitty Litter
    Turn old newspapers into shredded cat litter and save yourself money and trips to the store.

Bake with Less Mess and Less Waste
    Creative baking tips that help reduce water waste and energy consumption.

Revolutionize Your Home's Heating and Cooling
    Advantages to cooling and heating homes (and swimming pool) with geothermal energy.

Easy Reusable Sandwich Bags
    Easy reusable sandwich bags from all about sofi make packing waste-free cheap lunches easy.

Green Pimp My 1995 Coachmen 5th Wheel
    I need an energy efficient makeover for my 1995 Coachman camper.

Save $100 a Year with This Affordable Device
    Spin dryers save energy and make laundry better.

DIY Recycled Christmas Thank-You Cards
    Make your own beauty products. Save money and decrease packaging, and give them as gifts.

Rediscover What Your Grandpa Knew About Great Lawns
    Green lawn care starts with a push mower.

How to Pack for the Perfect Camping Trip
    How to pack for green camping.

4 Simple Ingredient Substitutions to Help You Eat Better
    Ingredients substitutions for healthy eating is easier than you might think. Substitute whole grain for bleached flour, avoid refined sugar and factory-farmed meats.

Two Green Building Tips
    Green building tips, including solar window film and dealing with VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Divert and Reuse Rinse Water
    Reuse rinse water from washing; save water.

Can Someone Recommend a Good Natural Vitamin?
    The search for natural multivitamins, without corn syrup, artificial colors or other additives.

Drive an Electric Car, Park Free in Boise
    Drivers of ZEVs (Zero Emission Vehicles) like electric cars get free parking in Boise, Idaho, another benefit of green cars.

A Passionate Call to Arms
    Call to arms for environmentalism.

How to Have a Fairytale Wedding for Cheap
    Green weddings can be beautiful and meaningful, and save money as well as resources.

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