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7 Cool Green Homes That Float
    Floating homes from around the world based on green building design, from the Cosmic Muffin to a Floating Solar Home.

Get 25% Off Good and Green - The Green Marketing Conference
    The going green film festival shot its promo in the old Western town of Hanford.

What Toxic Chemicals Lurk in Your Household Products?
    A petition to the EPA to test common household cleaning chemicals for safety and toxicity.

For Green To-Go Convenience, Grab the Box That Rocks
    The Bottle Box is a 100% recycled plastic to-go container made in California.

I Left Condé Nast for Greener Pastures!
    Biodiesel generators are a great way to green your next event.

8 Innovative Solar Projects
    Highlights from the National Solar Tour 2009 - innovative solar power projects from around the U.S.

A Global Ideas Competition Fosters Clean Tech Startups
    Global Cleantech Open is offering $100,000 in venture capital for the best clean tech startup idea that is presented during its latest contest.

Going Green Film Festival Promo Shot in Western Style
    The going green film festival shot its promo in the old Western town of Hanford.

Can You Still Hear Crickets in New York City?
    Cricket Crawl is a citizen science project for kids and families in New York City.

Win Public Transportation Fares for a Year
    The dump the pump contest offers a free year of public transportation for the best video about the benefits of public transportation.

Send Your Ripe Garden Photos
    Farm Aid is giving away tickets to the annual fundraising concert to the person who submits the best and most popular farm-related photo.

Will You Vote for Open Space and Farmland Preservation This November?
    The Conservation Campaign seeks to increase local spending on open space and farmland preservation through ballot initiatives.

Want to See Neighborhoods That Beat the Housing Bust? Take a Walk
    John F. Wasik's The Cul-de-sac-Syndrome book highlights how walkable neighborhoods boost value of real estate as well as lifestyle.

Volunteer to Green Up the Big Apple
    Help NYRP (New York Restoration Project) plant trees and promote greenspace in New York City.

"There's Still Time Left"
    A video advertisement seeks to inspire action at the upcoming U.N. Copenhagen climate talks.

Pillow Fights and other Weird Green News
    This week's Zaproot video news roundup.

The Resurrection Will Not Be Sponsored by a Chemical Company
    This week's Zaproot video news roundup, about Easter, the Aptera and federal chemical policy.

How Offshore Oil in Brazil Might Save the Amazon
    This week's Zaproot video news roundup, about the rare endangered bird photographed then eaten, and how Offshore oil in Brazil could actually help preserve the Amazon, sort of.

What Really Happens to Recyclables?
    This week's Zaproot video news roundup, about why recycling is important and interesting recycling facts.

Soda from...cow urine?!
    This week's Zaproot video news roundup, with cow urine soda.

One Thing Environmental Groups and the Construction Industry Agree On
    Environmental groups and construction industry agree that sewer wastewater infrastructure is a good investment for both jobs creation and environmental protection.

Green Nuns, Ghost Nets and Other Weird Green News
    This week's Zaproot video news roundup, with ghost nets killing fish in the oceans, green nuns at a convent and salmonella peanuts.

Which Movies Deserve Green Oscars?
    The Academy Awards ceremony isn't very green this year, as this week's Zaproot video news roundup shows.

What's Your Virtual Carbon Footprint?
    Second Life, Googling ex girlfriends ... It all adds up to a big carbon footprint, according to the latest Zaproot video of weird green news.

Introducing the Green Pride Flag
    For $50, offers the means to tell your neighbors you've gone green with the green pride flag.

Kate Winslet's Naked Fur Flap, the Most Useless Products and More
    Zaproot's weekly video roundup of quirky green news looks at Kate Winslet's naked spread in Vanity Fair, which featured supposedly fake fur, ocean acidification and a range of useless products.

How Obama's Global Warming Plan Falls Short
    The U.N. climate chief criticized Obama's targets for carbon reduction as too weak, given the magnitude of the problem. Is President Obama going to do enough to slow or stop global warming?

Is Driveway Sealant Hazardous to Your Health?
    The type of driveway sealant you choose could have a big impact on the exposure level to PAHs, cancer-causing chemicals. Coal-tar is far worse than asphalt, according to new scientific research.

The X Games Go Green
    Zaproot's weekly video roundup of quirky green news looks at the X Games and more.

Volunteer Opportunities This Martin Luther King Day
    The Sierra Club is answering Barack Obama's call for a national day of service on Martin Luther King day by organizing green environmental volunteer opportunities around the country.

Scientists Launch First-Ever Exploration of Antarctica's Deep-Sea Vents
    Researchers will launch the first-ever study of deep-sea vents near Antarctica.

VIDEO: The EPA's Most Wanted Environmental Fugitives
    Zaproot news video looks at the EPA's Most Wanted list of environmental crime fugitives.

Chimpanzee Chocolate Headed for Space
    NASA's next astronauts will be eating Endangered Species chocolates.

Could Fertilizing Forests Save the Climate?
    Can fertilizing forests stop global warming? Maybe. Pumping nitrogen into soils may supercharge forest carbon sinks ... but at what cost?

12 Ways to Recycle Used Coffee Grounds
    12 ways to recycle or reuse used coffee grounds, from a closet deordorizer or an exfoliating facial treatment to a simple composting, there's a lot to do with old coffee grounds. From Green Student U.

10 Steps to a Greener Office
    Tips for saving energy at your desk and ink on your printer, carpooling and packing your own lunch, and more to go green at the office, from Green Student U.

The Inalienable Rights of Chickens (and Chicken Eaters)
    In California, chickens have more rights to be free range chickens, but labeling of antibiotic-free eggs and chickens has become more muddled thanks to an FDA-Tyson ruling on injecting chicken eggs with antibiotics before they are, by some (corporate

How Would You Green Your City?
    How would you green your city? One New Yorker hit the streets with a video camera to find out.

Video Campaign Aims at Over-Packaged Goods
    A viral video campaign seeks to enlist petitioners who will protest over-packaging.

James Hansen's Advice to Barack Obama on Global Warming Policy
    Why "cap-and-trade" schemes won't work, why now's the time for new carbon and gasoline taxes and why both nuclear power and clean coal deserve large scale federal investment. A letter from James Hansen, NASA climate scientist.

How to Solve a State Budget Shortfall? Recycle More
    The bigger better bottle bill would help New York out of its financial crisis without raising taxes, and boost recycling of non-carbonated beverage containers, like water and iced tea bottles, with a five-cent deposit.

Would You Eat Meat from a Cloned Animal?
    Should the government approve meat from cloned animals for sale? Should it at least carry a label?

The Quest for an Eco-Fabulous Green Home
    Lisa Sharkey's Green Dreaming profiles 17 eco-fabulous green homes across the U.S.

Introducing Green Piece. (No, Not Peace)
    Green Piece Indy is an e-newsletter and Web site for Indiana residents who want to go green.

3 Ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle This Holiday
    The Environmental Protection Agency offers ideas for reducing, reusing and recycling this holiday.

Are Mini Nuclear Power Plants in the Backyard a Good Idea?
    Nuclear power is safe, clean and the solution to global warming ... or maybe dangerous and ill-conceived...

The Environmental Crisis Distilled to a Toaster
    The problem is that the junk that's made doesn't last and can't be repaired.

Do Something!
    Do has an Increase Your Green contest which aims to help students green their schools.

A New Social Networking Site for Greens
    Greenwala is a social networking site for green people and brands.

Making Green Hot Fun and Sexy
    Envicoutre is a new green fashion design.

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