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Rim Fire
    The Rim Fire in California has burned some 350 square miles.

California's Powerhouse Wildfire
    Picture of the Powerhouse Wildfire in California.

There Will Never Be Another Hurricane Sandy
    The name Sandy will never again be used to describe hurricanes or tropical storms because of the destructive storm surge.

Arctic Sea Ice Disappearing Fast
    A new scientific projection indicates Arctic sea ice will disappear in summer within a decade or two.

Fracking Wells at Night
    North Dakota Bakken fracking wells are visible from space at night.

City Lights of the Earth at Night
    Satellite photo the Earth's city lights at night.

City Lights at Night
    Satellite photo of city lights in South America at night.

A Controversial Power Line Proposal (Before and After)
    The Susquehanna to Roseland 500kV Transmission Line would affect three national parks, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, the Middle Delaware National Scenic and Recreational River, and the Appalachian National Scenic Trail.

Extreme U.S. Drought Persists
    Watch this animation showing the 2012 drought spreading across the U.S. in the summer of 2012.

Most of U.S. in Drought
    Watch this animation showing the 2012 drought spreading across the U.S. in the summer of 2012.

'Snowtober' Storm, Seen from Space
    Snowtober Halloween snow storm satellite photo.

Breaching the Condit Dam on the White Salmon River (Video)
    This video shows the dam removal on the White Salmon River at the moment the Condit Dam was breached.

Arctic Is Losing South Carolina-Sized Ice Sheets Every Year
    The trend in Arctic sea ice melting is clear, with 12% less ice per decade, and enough ice to cover South Carolina disappearing each September.

A Record-Breaking New Ozone Hole
    The Arctic ozone hole reached unprecedented size in 2011, though it is still much smaller than the Antarctic ozone hole. Both are pictured here.

Texas Drought Could Last 9 More Years
    Watch this animation showing the 2011 Texas drought spread across the South U.S.

A New View of Hurricane Katia
    A satellite picture of Hurricane Katia near the U.S. East Coast.

Incredible Aurora Australis, as Seen from Space
    NASA captured this aurora australis video in September 2011.

Texas Wildfires, as Seen from Space
    Texas wildfires as seen from the International Space Station Sept 6, 2011.

A Record-Hot U.S. Summer
    Records temperatures were set in August and throughout the summer, and a record drought continued in the desert Southwest.

Arctic Melt Ponds
    This picture of melt ponds in the Arctic demonstrates the near-record melting of Arctic sea ice in August 2011.

Hurricane Irene, Landfall
    A satellite picture of Hurricane Irene making landfall on the U.S. East Coast.

Hurricane Irene, Approaching East Coast
    A satellite picture of Hurricane Irene as a category 3 major hurricane, from August 2011.

Hurricane Irene, Category 3
    A satellite picture of Hurricane Irene as a category 3 major hurricane, from August 2011.

Hurricane Irene, Category 1
    A satellite picture of Hurricane Irene, from August 2011.

What a Shooting Star Looks Like from Space
    This NASA astronaut photo shows a Perseid meteor, or "shooting star" from The International Space Station.

July 2011 Ranks Among World's Warmest
    This global temperature chart shows the above-average temperatures around the world in July 2011.

Hurricane Katrina: First Hundred-Billion Dollar Storm
    The damage estimate for Hurricane Katrina is now over $100 billion.

Somalia Famine Refugees Flood Kenya
    Somalia famine refugees in Kenya refugee camps are fleeing drought in the Horn of Africa.

Typhoon Muifa
    Typhoon Muifa made landfall in North Korea, affecting China and South Korea too, with destructive and deadly winds and rain.

July Sets New Record for Arctic Melting
    These charts show the record extent of Arctic sea ice melting in July 2011.

Tropical Storm Emily Swirls Through Caribbean
    Tropical Storm Emily 2011 pictures, including its path and track across the Caribbean toward Florida.

The Texas Drought "Disaster"
    A satellite picture showing the vegetation anomaly in Texas and the U.S. Southwest during the drought of 2011.

Arctic Headed for Another Melting Record
    This satellite picture of the Arctic shows dramatic ice loss in July 2011.

Hurricane Dora, Category 4 Hurricane
    Hurricane Dora flirted with Category 5 status in late July 2011.

Record Heat Spreads Across U.S.
    A map of the "heat dome" over the U.S. that created record heat waves in July 2011.

Extreme Drought Persists
    Map showing the extent of US Drought, from the US Drought Monitor, as of July 12, 2011.

U.S. Warns: There's More Flooding to Come
    Photo of dramatic flooding in the Midwest in 2011.

Sunset Through Smoke
    Photo: Sunset and smoke during the Arizona Wildfires 2011.

Photo: Tornado Damage in Joplin, Missouri
    Photo: Tornado damage Joplin, Missouri.

Photo: Tiny Bog Turtles in Trouble
    Photo: bog turtle.

Photo: Fishing the Flood
    Photo: Mississippi River flooding in Mississippi.

Photo: Mississippi River Crests and Rolls into Memphis
    Photo: Mississippi River Crests and Rolls into Memphis

Green Garden Menace
    Photo: caterpillar on black bean plant.

Deadly Storms in the South
    Photo: deadly tornado in Alabama.

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow
    Rainbow Photo

What the Feb 1-2 Snow Storm Looked Like from Space
    Satellite photo of the Feb 1-Feb 2 2011 snow storm / blizzard that brought record snow to parts of the U.S.

What the 1-11-11 Snow Storm Looked Like from Space
    Satellite photo of the 1-11-11 and 1-12-11 snow storm that dropped record snow on parts of the U.S. Northeast.

Australia Flooding
    Photo: Australia flooding on January 5, 2011.

What the December 2010 Blizzard Looks Like from Space
    Satellite photo of the December 2010 blizzard that dropped lots of snow across the Northeast.

Sky Before the Storm
    Photo: Beautiful sky before a tornado.

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