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A View of Fall Color from Space
    This satellite photo shows fall foliage over Pennsylvania.

Billion Dollar Weather Disasters
    A map showing the $1 billion weather and climate disasters of 2012

Summer Water Conservation Tips (Infographic)
    How to save water in summer - infographic.

340th Consecutive Month of Above Average Temperature
    The globally-averaged temperature for June 2013 tied with 2006 as the fifth warmest June since record keeping began in 1880.

A Unique View of Planet Earth's Greenery
    Watch an animation showing the growth and death of vegetation on planet Earth.

The World's Longest Recycled Bridge
    The 25-foot Onion Ditch Bridge in Ohio isn't long, but it is a milestone in construction as the longest recycled bridge in the world.

Protesting the Keystone XL Pipeline
    Image from the Nov. 6 protest of the XL Keystone Pipeline, which would carry petroleum oil to the U.S. from the Alberta Tar Sands in Canada.

'Save Vanishing Species' Stamp
    Save Vanishing Species postage stamp picture.

The Closing of a Dirty Coal-Fired Power Plant
    Sierra Club and others celebrated the announced closing of GenOn's coal-fired power plant no the Potomac River.

Protesting a Tar Sands Pipeline protested the XL Keystone Pipeline, which would carry petroleum oil to the U.S. from the Alberta Tar Sands in Canada.

Controversial Billboard Equates Hot Dogs with Cigarettes
    The Cancer Project hot dog billboard is causing controversy by equating hot dogs with cigarettes.

The Carbon Footprint of Food (Graphic)
    A new analysis compares the relative climate impacts (carbon footprint) of different types of food, with some surprising revelations about meats and vegetables.

The U.S. East Coast at Night
    Light pollution is visible from New York to Washington, D.C. in this picture of the East Coast at night.

Mt. Rushmore Gets a Makeover
    A Greenpeace protest calling on President Obama to curb stop global warming.

We Are Not Moving
    Photo Friends of the Earth Demonstration.

The Second Saturday of Summer Streets
    Summer Streets Photos

Summer Streets
    Summer Streets photo New York City.

Gathering of the Vibes Solar Bus
    Gathering of the Vibes Solar Bus

Wiping Away Tears, Wiping Out Trees
    Photo Kleenex billboard

A Global Warming Protest in the Kitchen
    Earth Day Photo

Chicago Skyline, Earth Hour
    Photo Chicago Earth Hour

Earth Hour Candles
    Earth Hour Photo

Earth Hour Toronto
    Photo Earth Hour Toronto.

Earth Hour San Francisco
    Earth Hour Photo

Stuck in a Tree for the Last Week....
    Plastic bag in Tree

Losing Habitat?
    Dog on an "Iceberg"

Recycled Rudolph
    A sign of the times Barneys clothing store in New York City goes green with their Christmas Window

Bethlehem Steel Windmill

Bethlehem Steel Windmill

Irony in the sky - Nature vs. Machine
    Plane in the sky

Old Spanish Countryside Embraces New Green Lifestyle
    Spain windmill photo

Save the Bees Protest
    Bee Protest in Paris Photo

100+ MPG Plug-In Hybrids