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Jim DiPeso is the policy director for Republicans for Environmental Protection. He writes about environmental issues from a Republican perspective.

Ocean, Thou Shalt Not Rise!
    Officials Say Climate Models Are Wrong, Bill Would Bar Their Use

Nothing New About the Federal Government 'Picking Winners'
    Federal government's picking of winners developed infrastructure, advanced technology

A Nugget of Conservation Gold in the Political Dross
    Land & Water Conservation Fund legislation has fighting chance of passage.

Lugar's Loss Reflects Our Diminished Politics
    Lugar's election defeat reflects diminished politics dominated by rigid ideologues

Another Unsightly Billboard
    Heartland Institute billboards link belief in climate change science to madmen.

Taxing Topic: Energy Tax Reform
    Public divided about energy tax reform

4 Ways Get Clean Energy Off the Subsidies Treadmill
    Think tanks call for reforms to help clean tech thrive without subsidies

Enduring Lessons from the Titanic
    Lessons of the Titanic: High technology can turn on us when failures cascade.

Dice Games in the Atmosphere
    Greenhouse gas emissions boost the odds of extreme weather in some cases.

How a Climate Skeptic Defends His Electric Car
    Defending the Chevy Volt electric car from Republican attacks is emblematic of the ideological divide on energy diversification that once enjoyed bipartisan support.

From Tennessee, a Ray of Clarity Breaks Through Political Smog
    Political centrist cuts through political smog surrounding power plant mercury cleanup.

Americans Not of One Mind on Regulations
    Americans are skeptical about regulations, but support protecting environmental, safety regulations

Someday, a Sun Storm Will Deliver More Than a Sky Show
    A severe bout of space weather could knock out power grid.

Old Coal Plants Shift Blame As Well As Costs
    Blaming EPA for coal plant closures ignores role of cheap gas, lower demand

An Obscure President's Conservation Legacy
    An obscure president, Rutherford B Hayes, set in motion national forests conservation. Learn about his environmental legacy on President's Day

Swing Voters Want Renewable Energy
    Swing voters support developing clean energy to boost long-term economic growth, reduce pollution

Doctor Prescribes Preventive Medicine for Shale Gas
    In Congressional testimony, a doctor warned about failing to study the health risks of fracking before the gas industry starts drilling. Did anyone listen?

How to Win Friends, Influence People, and Bury Nuclear Waste
    Advisory panel recommends "consent-based" approach to selecting nuclear waste disposal site, or repository.

The Downs and Ups of Gas Prices
    Natural gas exports could drive up gas prices and increase carbon dioxide emissions.

Of Chevy Volt Battery Fires, Solyndra and Efficient Light Bulbs
    Those who say clean technology won't work have an ax to grind and overlook history.

Photos of the Bygone World of the Early 1970s
    EPA's National Archives image collection, Documerica, shows pollution and many other aspects of 1970s American life.

A Wish List for Congress in 2012
    Conservation achievements we'd like to see Congress adopt in 2012

Congress Halts Enforcement of the 'Bulb Ban' that Wasn't
    Congress voted to stop enforcement of the so-called light bulb ban, but the end result will just end up hurting business, and doing little or nothing for consumer choice.

The Dirtiest of the Dirty Power Plants
    A new guide details the dirtiest most polluting coal fired power plants in North America.

Will New Power Plant Air Pollution Rules Shut Out Your Lights?
    Will the EPA's new power plant air pollution rules affect the reliability of the electrical power supply?

Maybe Washington Should Pick Energy Winners
    When it comes to renewable energy and fossil fuel energy subsidies, maybe Washington should choose winners, despite what the politicians like to say.

11 of Our Greatest Natural and Historic Treasures for 11-11-11
    Eleven of the greatest natural and historic parks in the U.S., on the occasion of the date 11-11-11.

The Argument for a 30% Reduction in Oil Use
    The facts on U.S. oil dependence and why oil independence means reducing our use of oil, no matter if it's foreign or domestic.

Remembering Donora, Pa., on the Anniversary of its Deadly Smog Incident
    The Clean Air Act was passed after events like the deadly smog incident in Donora, Pa. that sickened half a town and killed 20.

How the SAVE Act Would Save New Homeowners
    The SAVE Act would make energy efficiency savings part of the mortgage loan calculation.

How Much Is Wilderness Worth?
    How much is wilderness worth? There are many benefits to wilderness beyond economic.

5 Wilderness Areas Championed by Republicans
    5 new U.S. wilderness areas protected or championed by Republicans.

4 Lessons from the Solyndra Mess
    Solar energy subsidies for Solyndra offer lessons.

OPEC's Goldilocks Price of Oil
    Why has the price of oil been inching (or shooting) up for a decade? The answer lies in the OPEC Goldilocks price.

This Is Not Your Mother's Easy Bake Oven
    What the new Easy Bake Ovens, redesigned for 2011, tell us about energy efficient lightbulbs.

Energy Star Refrigerators Save You Money, No Matter Your Political Party
    Tea Party energy policy is against Energy Star standards for refrigerators and other appliances, even though they save consumers money and don't cost industry in the end.

Oil Shale Cheerleading Overlooks Hard Questions

Could A President Drive Down the Price of Gas?
    Candidate Michelle Bachmann has pledged to provide car-drivers with gas at $2 a gallon. Is it possible?

Ray Anderson Pointed the Way Forward
    Tribute to Ray Anderson, author of Confessions of a Radical Industrialist and founder of Interface.

LEDs are (Fill in the Blank)
    Energy efficient lighting, including LED bulbs, is being embraced by the U.S. Marines, but not the U.S. public.

Could a Natural Gas Cartel Emerge?
    Could a gas cartel emerge? Not according to a recent MIT analysis.

Infrastructure Bank: A Bipartisan Answer for Clean Energy?
    A national infrastructure bank could be modeled on Connecticut's Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority, or one of two ideas floating around Congress.

The Incandescent Bulbs that Comply with the 'Bulb Ban'
    Incandescent halogen light bulbs already meet the energy efficiency standards of the so-called "light bulb ban."

The Truth about the So-Called "Light Bulb Ban"

Arctic Oil Drilling: the Knowns and the Known Unknowns
    A new USGS report lays out what we think we know about the Arctic (it has a lot of oil, and it's getting warmer) and what we don't know (pretty much everything else).

How the Department of Defense Leads in Alternative Energy Innovation
    "More Fight, Less Fuel" is one of the Department of Defense's new mantras on energy use. If that leads also to "less politics," too, so much the better.

State Parks Get the Sharp End of the Budget Stick
    State parks are popular and generate revenue for states and local economies, but they're being closed amid the budget crisis in state after state.

3 Lessons We Should Have Learned About Nuclear Waste Storage
    The politics that designated Yucca Mountain as the nation's nuclear waste repository have run headlong into the politics that have prevented Yucca Mountain from being the nation's nuclear waste repository. What now?

Markets Drift from Coal to Gas ... For Now

Does Saving Energy Lead to More Energy Consumption?
    Energy Rebound theory says that the more energy efficient our electronics and appliances, the more we use energy anyway. Is it true?

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