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Shapattack covers environmental issues that fly under the major media radar and is written by Dan Shapley, The Daily Green's news editor.

An Interview on
    The Daily Green was recently asked for an interview with

Hotel Review: The Original Element Hotel
    A review of the Element Lexington and the Element hotel chain, Starwood's green hotel chain.

New Edition of 'Planet Earth' a Masterpiece
    The Planet Earth: Limited Edition globe-shaped package with five-disc DVD and Blu Ray is still a stunning masterpiece.

Book Review: But Will the Planet Notice?
    Book review: But Will the Planet Notice? How Smart Economics Can Save the World by Gernot Wagner.

"Not This Pig," Says Our New Poet Laureate
    Animals are Passing from Our Lives poem by Philip Levine, poet laureate of the United States.

Book Review: Tomatoland
    Book review: Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit, by Barry Estabrook.

Book Review: The Butcher's Guide to Well-Raised Meat
    Book review: The Butcher's Guide to Well-Raised Meat, by Joshua and Jessica Applestone, and Alexandra Zissu.

Book Review: The Ragged Edge of the World
    Book review: The Ragged Edge of the World, by Eugene Linden.

Book Review: Genius of Place: The Life of Frederick Law Olmsted
    Book review: Genius of Place: The Life of Frederick Law Olmsted, the first biography of the famed landscape architect who designed Central Park and other iconic American parks and landscapes.

Book Review: Me...Jane
    The new children's book Me...Jane tells the story of the childhood of Jane Goodall, the pioneering conservationist and chimpanzee researcher. By Patrick McDonnell, who writes the Mutts comic strip.

Book Review: Biocidal: Confronting the Poisonous Legacy of PCBs
    Book review of Biocidal: Confronting the Poisonous Legacy of PCBs, by Ted Dracos, is a useful account of the history of the "magic fluid" and the consequences of its use, but would have benefited from better reporting.

Book Review: The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival
    Book review of The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival, by John Vaillant, about the hunt for a man-eating tiger in Russia's Far East.

Book Review: A Force for Nature
    Book review of A Force for Nature: the Story of NRDC, by John and Patricia Adams, is a good account of the environmental movement and NRDC's place in it.

Book Review: Eaarth
    Book review of Eaarth, by Bil McKibben, about the state of our planet, inextricably changed already by global warming (hence the new name), and how we need to live on it.

Movie Review: The Last Lions
    The Last Lions tells the story of a lioness trying to save her cubs in Botswana.

Book Review: The Town That Food Saved
    Book review of The Town that Food Saved, by Ben Hewitt, which tells the story of Hardwick, Vt., and its unique (or maybe not-so unique) efforts to develop a new kind of local food system.

How the Media Got It Wrong on Bumblebee Decline Story
    A new study documents a decline in U.S. bumblebees, but the press made some errors when it reported the research.

Book Review: In Praise of Fertile Land
    A review of In Praise of Fertile Land, a book of poems for and about farmers, gardeners and local food enthusiasts. With Ecolibris Green Books Campaign 2010.

How Will Global Warming Affect Me? Ask the ClimateWizard
    The Nature Conservancy has launched ClimateWizard, which aims to show how global warming will affect each state, based on temperature and precipitation projections.

Walmart Building in a Civil War Battlefield
    Sprawl is claiming not only green spaces important to ecology, but places of historical importance, like the Wilderness Battlefield in Virginia, where a Walmart has been approved, and the Fishkill Encampment, a Revolutionary War site in New York's Hu

Why Cash for Clunkers Ran Out of Money
    A Cash for Clunkers program envisioned by Congress would pay up to $4,500 for scrapping a gas-guzzler like an SUV or truck, and buying a new car that isn't all that fuel-efficient. Here's why it failed.

In Palin's Next Act, as Energy Pundit, Global Warming Still Off-Stage
    Sarah Palin failed to mention global warming in her energy policy speech during the campaign and she continues to omit it from her energy policy punditry, most recently in a high-profile op-ed in the Washington Post.

Really? 100 U.S. Cities Are Better than New York?
    The Money Best Places to Live 2009 list omits not only New York City from its Top 100 list, but all towns in New York State. Nothing from the Hudson Valley even makes a runners-up list.

Hiking in the Hudson Valley (or Anywhere for that Matter)? Check Out The New Trails Wiki
    Sierra Club trails wiki lets you upload information about your favorite hikes. Check out my favorite Hudson Valley hikes.

Poetic Injustice on the Hudson
    On the funeral day for Bobby Gabrielson, Sr., one of the last Hudson River fishermen, GE begins dredging PCBs from the Hudson River.

Let People Volunteer for Unemployment Benefits
    Millions of people are out of work and unable to find new jobs, so make volunteerism synonymous with unemployment. A volunteer-for-unemployment benefits program for unemployed workers would help local communities, nonprofits, workers and economy.

Laura Bush Emerges as Defender of Oceans
    Laura Bush is emerging as the president's chief advocate for protecting vast swaths of the oceans, a move that would help defend George Bush's environment record, but which is opposed by Vice President Dick Cheney.

In Energy Policy Speech, Palin Fails to Mention Global Warming
    Sarah Palin failed to mention global warming in her energy policy speech.

Industry Wrote the Rules on Bisphenol-A
    The American Chemistry Council industry group wrote the FDA safety assessment for Bisphenol A, a revelation uncovered -- like many before it -- by a mainstream media newspaper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Price of Democracy: $17.35
    Americans spent more on the 2008 election than ever before, but it still barely ekes out St. Patrick's Day among big spending events on the U.S. calendar.

7 Signs the New Energy Economy Is Here
    Lester R Brown lays out the indicators that a "new energy economy" is emerging. Now.

Yes, Sarah Palin, It Does Matter What Causes Global Warming
    Sarah Palin still hedges her statements about global warming, downplaying the importance of fossil fuel burning as a cause. Here's why that's a problem.

The Million Year Bargain
    Nuclear waste remains radioactive and dangerous for more than 1 million years. Still, accepting that bargain may be better than accepting the bargain of global warming.

Leaders Aren't Just Failing to Fix the Financial Crisis
    Federal leaders are not only failing the financial crisis, but the energy crisis in very real ways.

Both Ways on Coal? Where Do Obama and McCain Stand?
    Obama and McCain agree that mountaintop removal is wrong, but they also support so-called "clean coal." So where is that coal supposed to come from?

Abrupt Climate Change Research Gears Up in Bush's 11th Hour
    The government is studying the four horsemen of the climate apocalypse - those tipping points we don't want to reach.

How the Financial Crisis Could Lead to a Carbon Crisis
    The financial crisis could lead to a carbon crisis. Here's how.

Would the Real Sarah Palin Please Step Forward?
    Sarah Palin said she believes in man-made global warming, one month after saying she did not. So which is it?

2 Million Jobs in 2 Years, if Congress Opts for Green Stimulus
    A new report outlines how a $100 million economic stimulus for green collar jobs like renewable energy, mass transit and -- most of all -- energy efficiency can create 200 million new jobs in two years.

4 Reasons Congress Should Extend Renewable Energy Tax Credits
    Congress has failed to extend renewable energy tax credits, threatening to derail wind and solar power industries at a critical time of energy crisis and global warming.

Palin on Energy: Drill, and Don't Trust Democrats
    Dissecting the comments about energy policy by Sarah Palin, John McCain's vice presidential running mate, at the GOP convention.

270,000+ Toxic Sites in New York Alone
    Toxics Targeting has produced the most detailed maps of potentially toxic sites in New York available on the Web, or in print for that matter. Why doesn't every state environmental agency do this?

Palin, McCain's VP Pick, Short on Green Cred
    Sen. John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin makes some political sense, but she does nothing to reinforce McCain's credibility as an environmentalist. She's supported oil drilling, and opposed polar bear protection.

The World Spends $300 Billion Subsidizing Fossil Fuels
    The world spends billions every year to subsidize fossil fuels, so what would happen if we just stopped?

One 400-Gallon Argument Against Offshore Oil Drilling
    Exxon Mobil has agreed to pay a fine for allowing a two-year leak of PCBs from an offshore oil rig. Is this what we can expect with more offshore drilling?

Global Warming, the Arctic Thaw and the New Cold War
    Russia's incursion into Georgia doesn't bode well for global warming. Here's why.

Junk Food In, Junk Food Out
    Beef producers are feeding their cows more junk food, literally, like potato chip and chocolate waste from food processors. Is there any connection with the recent string of E. coli beef recalls?

Greenwashing 'The Most Destructive Project on Earth'
    Shell was accused of greenwashing when it claimed its Alberta oil sands project is sustainable.

Chemical Industry Fights Ban on Bisphenol A
    The chemical industry is lobbying hard to prevent California and other states from banning Bisphenol A in children's products, despite a growing body of research that raises health concerns.

So Make a Fuel-Efficient Luxury Car
    Detroit has a marketing problem, not a technology problem. It needs to sell luxury fuel-efficient cars to keep profits high, in the absence of cheap gas and high-margin SUV sales.

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