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The Storm Pundit writes about the science of global warming and weather. Chris Mooney is the author most recently of Storm World: Hurricanes, Politics, And The Battle Over Global Warming.

The 2008 Hurricane Season in Historical Context — So Far
    From Hurricane Dolly to tropical storms, the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season has been building force, and history suggests it will get more fierce.

Is It Time to Get Worried About the 2008 Hurricane Season?
    With new storms forming, including a possible Hurricane Dolly, in the Atlantic, it may be time to worry about the 2008 hurricane season, which signs indicate could be fierce. Is Hurricane Dolly on the way?

Hurricane Bertha "One for the Record Books"
    Hurricane Bertha is a rare major July hurricane in the Atlantic. That doesn't bode well for the rest of the season, based on recent experience, and could be a worrying indicator of global warming's influence.

Tropical Cyclone Nargis: Get Ready for the Worst
    Tropical Cyclone Nargis: A major hurricane is brewing in the Bay of Bengal and could reach Category 4 strength before making landfall in the vicinity of Bangladesh, India and Myanmar.

In Climate Science, Beware the Conversion Narrative
    Analyzing the latest scientific volley in the debate over global warming and its link to hurricane frequency or intensity.

Was that a Hurricane? In Oklahoma?
    Tropical Storm Erin is being re-assessed in light of evidence it might have re-formed as a hurricane over land in Oklahoma -- a virtually unheard of occurrence.

2 Hurricane Forecasts, Both Uncertain, Both Scary
    William Gray and Colorado State University's latest Atlantic Basin forecast predicts a well-above average hurricane season, including four major hurricanes and an elevated chance that a hurricane will strike the U.S. mainland.

When To Cry Wolf (or Frog) and When Not To
    The disintegration of the Wilkins ice shelf is evidence of global warming. The extinction of frogs, apparently is not.

Our Extraordinary Tornado Year
    There have been more tornadoes in the beginning part of 2008 than in any of the previous three years, but does that mean global warming is at work?

The Devastating Cyclone You Never Heard About
    The media has largely ignored the devastation caused by Tropical Cyclone Ivan, which is blamed for 22 deaths and thousands of displaced in Madagascar.

Cyclones Take Aim at Australia, Madagascar
    Cyclone Nicholas is heading for Australia, while Cyclone Ivan is heading for Madagascar, as the Southern Hemisphere hurricane season heats up.

Tornadoes and Global Warming
    Are tornadoes growing stronger or more numerous because of global warming? Possibly, but the evidence is thin.

Hurricane Dean: Stronger Than First Thought
    Hurricane Dean, like Hurricane Felix, was more intense than first thought, according to a post-storm analysis by hurricane experts.

How to Think About Global Warming and Intense Rainfall
    Expect more extreme rainfall due to global warming.

Hurricane Felix Stronger Than Previously Thought
    NOAA's latest report reveals that Hurricane Felix was a strong Category 5 storm, a stronger hurricane than previously thought.

Why the U.S. Should Wait To Act on Global Warming
    The U.S. would be better off waiting until 2009 to pass a global warming bill. The political climate then should favor much more aggressive legislation.

Are We All a Bunch of Availability Entrepreneurs?
    Not all weird weather is caused by global warming, but that doesn't mean we can't learn something from extreme weather events, nor understand that global warming will make some extreme weather more intense or frequent.

7 Superlative Storms of 2007 Pages: 2 3 4 5 6
    The 2007 hurricane season, worldwide, produced several memorable storms, enumerated here: the deadliest, most intense, wettest, most political, hardest to forecast and most surprising.

2007 Hurricane Season Doesn't Support Global Warming Link
    The 2007 hurricane season, worldwide, did not support the theory that global warming is influencing the strength or frequency of tropical storms. But it's only one data point.

From Andrea (May) to Olga (December), the Atlantic Hurricane Season Surprises
    The December arrival of Sub Tropical Storm Olga makes the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season unusual, if average.

Predicting the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season: A Post-Mortem
    The Atlantic hurricane season in 2007 was more active, and produced many tropical storms, several rapidly intensifying hurricanes, but not as many overall strong storms as might have been expected.

Cyclone Sidr Is Only the Latest Big Storm in North Indian Ocean Basin
    Cyclone Sidr devastated Bangladesh, but it's only the latest hurricane to strike in the North Indian Ocean basin, where Cyclone Gonu hit Oman and Iran with Category 5 strength earlier this year. Also, the Australian storm season is awakening.

Despite Official Forecasts, Cyclone Sidr Keeps Gaining Strength
    Cyclone Sidr has huge destructive potential, despite what forecasts and U.S. media says.

Cyclone Sidr: It Gets Worse
    Cyclone Sidr reached Category 4 strength and is approaching Bangladesh and northwest India, with plenty of heat in the Bay of Bengal to sustain dangerous storm.

Cyclone Sidr Aims for the Worst Spot a Hurricane Could Hit
    Cyclone Sidr, which may be a powerful Category 4 hurricane, will hit Bangladesh, the most vulnerable place, where hundreds of thousands have died from similar storms.

Reading the Atlantic Hurricane Season
    Whether or not global warming affects hurricane frequency or intensity, we ought to be prepared.

The 2007 Hurricane Season: Lion, Lamb, Lion?
    The Storm Pundit Chris Mooney discusses global warming, the Atlantic hurricane season and .

How Strong Was Typhoon Kajiki?
    The Storm Pundit Chris Mooney tries to figure out if Typhoon Kajiki was a Category 3 or Category 4 hurricane, and discusses the implications for science linking global warming to hurricane strength.

The Truth About the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Place Your Bets: How Many More Super Intense Hurricanes in 2007?

Supertyphoon Krosa, Typhoon Alley and Global Warming
    Typhoon Krosa

Spinning the Atlantic Hurricane Season

Our Schizophrenic 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season