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What Foods Would You Miss?
    As the Latest 100 Mile Diet Challenge Nears to a Close, the Author Looks Forward to a Beer.

What Is Local Seafood?
    Does It Matter If A Locally Caught Fish Is Processed Elsewhere?

Local Food on a Budget
    The 100 Mile Diet Authors Give Tips on How to Eat Local For Less. Local food need not be too expensive.

100 Mile Diet Mission Challenge: Cake
    Needed: A Recipe for a 100 Mile Birthday Cake with No Nuts and Little Egg. Can You Help?

Mission Challenge: 100-Mile Diet Party
    This Town Is Getting Some Help In Their Eat Local Quest.

Gardening With Fingers Crossed
    Will the tomato seedlings survive the cold and rain?

How to Change the Food System
    There Are Numerous Ways to Promote Local Eating at Every Level.

Wine by Sailing Ship?
    An Old Idea - Shipping Wine By Sea - Is New Again.

What About Global Fair Trade?
    The author of the 100-Mile Diet gives his thoughts on Global Fair Trade.

Getting Personal with a Tuna
    One of the most powerful reminders I’ve had of the importance of getting back in touch with my food.

Sign the Petition Against Canada's Blockade of a Climate Change Agreement

From Wheat-Free To Wheat Festival
    The simple act of growing organic wheat can be the start of building a local food culture.

Portion Size and Sustainability
    James MacKinnon, author or the 100 Mile Diet talks about the portion size of restaurant meals - and just how significant the consequences are in terms of sustainability.

Can Vegetarianism Go Local?
    Noted author James MacKinnon of the 100 Mile Diet discusses the inevitabilty of vegetarianism ever truly going local in the near future.