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The Flexitarian Table Home
Flexitarian Chef Peter Berley writes about satisfying the demands of staunch vegetarians and passionate meat lovers at the same dinner table.

Real Health Care Reform Starts With Our Food System
    I haven’t heard a single candidate talk about the fundamental changes that must take place if we as a nation are serious about becoming strong and vibrant.

Keeping It Local — Even in the Dead of Winter
    Flexitarian author Peter Berley discusses keeping it local even in the dead of winter.

A Locavore's Holiday Table - Flexitarian Style
    An uber cool holiday feast for the vegan, vegetarian, and omnivist in all of us.

Sourcing Local And Fresh Food In The Heart Of New York City
    The Flexitarian Table's Peter Berley blogs about the challenges of sourcing locally produced food for a big city restaurant.

Sharing A Local Menu