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Learn how to hack ordinary household systems to run cleaner and more efficiently.

Hack a Cardboard Box into a DIY Solar Oven
    Make a DIY solar oven from a cardboard box, tin foil and other common materials. It's a simple, fun project.

How to Install a Tankless Water Heater
    Tankless water heaters, aka on-demand water heaters, are more energy efficient, and therefore mean lower energy bills. Learn how to install one here.

Optimize Computer Energy Settings and Save 50%
    Maximize your computer's energy efficiency, and save money, by making the most of your energy saver settings.

DIY Super Energy Efficient Refrigerator
    If you live in cold climates, you may want to consider hacking your own ambient air refrigerator. Get a super energy efficient refrigerator with this diy, do it yourself, model that attaches to your home.

Hack a Wood Stove into an Efficient Water Heater
    Hack your wood stove into an efficient hot water heater. You can save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars with this energy conservation, energy efficiency modification.

This Week's Hack: Green-Pimp Your Ride
    For this week's green hack blog, green pimp your ride. You'll get better gas mileage, increased fuel efficiency, with these easy steps. Check the air pressure in your tires, use synthetic motor oil, decrease the weight in your car, take stuff off the

Hack Your Own Super Fridge