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The Zen Cleaner Home
Save money and promote healthy indoor spaces with simple cleaning recipes based on natural, nontoxic ingredients.

Go Beyond Baking Soda for a Cleaner Fridge
    Get your refrigerator naturally clean with baking soda, borax and a little green cleaning elbow grease.

Unlock the Natural Healing Powers of Your Pantry
    Michael de Jong was just on Good Morning America Health to promote his new book Clean Cures, about natural remedies from common household items like honey, baking soda, salt and more.

How to Wash Fresh Fruit
    Learn how to safely wash fresh fruit with baking soda, and enjoy National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month.

Knock Out Athlete's Foot with this Natural Cure
    Use this natural remedy of salt and water to treat athlete's foot and other foot fungus the natural way.

Make a Soothing Natural Bath Soak, from the Zen Cleaner and CBS's The Early Show
    Check out this fun clip of Michael de Jong talking about his new book Clean Body with Harry Smith of CBS's The Early Show. Learn how you can avoid toxic personal care products, and easily make your own with natural ingredients you already have

Support Women Scientists and Environmentalists
    A great green gift for Mother's Day is to support the WINGS WorldQuest Women of Discovery Awards, which recognize and support women scientists, explorers and environmentalists.

Risky Runoff: How We're Poisoning Ourselves with Ritalin and Cleaning Products
    PBS Frontline's "Poisoned Waters" underscores the importance of keeping toxic chemicals out of our water supply, from drugs to cleaning products. Water pollution is a serious threat to human health and the environment.

Simple Ways to Care for the Earth
    Earth Month and Earth Day are times to remember ways to go green, and show your care for the environment.

Remove Grass Stains with this Easy Green Cleaning Recipe
    Golfer's Day is a good time to learn how to remove grass stains with this easy green cleaning recipe. Just get some vinegar and read on...

Dancing Shoes and My Dad's Secret Double Life
    Remembering dad's secret double life, dancing and Arthur Murray.

Sonnet to a Secret Slob
    Funny poem that's an ode to home organizing and green cleaning, in honor of National Poetry Month!

Messy or Dirty Desk? Try This Organizing Tip
    Tips on how to organize a messy desk, as well as green clean the surface with olive oil.

Ironically, It's National Peanut Month, Despite More Recalls
    March is National Peanut Month, ironic because of the rash of peanut and peanut butter recalls from salmonella. Still, peanut butter is delicious and nutritious, as well as popular.

Why Rechargeable Batteries Are Smarter
    Rechargeable batteries save you money, save resources and reduce pollution. You can even get USB rechargeable batteries you can power with your computer. That's smart!

How to Clean Marks Off Walls (Without Toxic Chemicals)
    Romance on Valentine's Day can lead to love notes on walls. Learn how to green clean marks off walls with baking soda.

Remember Buddy Holly, and Green Clean Your Glasses, Even if They Aren't as Iconic
    This week is the 50th anniversary of The Day the Music Died, when Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper died. Holly's glasses are still iconic. Learn to green clean your own spectacles.

Unclog Your Washing Machine, and Your Creativity
    Unclog your washing machine with vinegar, and rediscover creativity through art.

In With the New, as Obama Looks to Clean House
    Barack Obama promises to clean house.

Happy Birthday, Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern, Oil and Water
    Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern were both born on January 12. Although they are polar opposites in many ways, they are alike in many others, including their roles as radio superstars. They are like oil and water.

It's Officially Time to Toss the Fruitcakes
    January brings Fruitcake Toss Day, a time to rid ourselves of unwanted Christmas holiday desserts. But that can lead to oil stains. Learn how to remove with green cleaning and baking soda.

Partied Out After the Holidays? Try the Baking Soda Hangover Cure
    Got a stomachache or hangover from all that holiday partying? Start off the new year fresh with this baking soda natural cure.

Celebrate a Happy Homemade Christmas
    Have a happy homemade Christmas, and celebrate holidays by making your own gifts, crafts, treats and more.

Smothering Things in Chocolate for the Holidays?
    National Chocolate Covered Anything Day reminds us to enjoy smothering chocolate on things -- but learn how you can remove pesky chocolate stains with natural green cleaning.

Still Sending Paper Christmas Cards? At Least Learn How to Remove Ink Stains
    Send Ecards to save money and resources for the environment. If you do send paper Christmas cards, learn how to remove ink stains here.

An (Unconventional) Ode to Thanksgiving Turkey
    An unconventional Thanksgiving poem on holiday turkey.

It's Almost Time for Cleaning Out the White House
    It's almost time for the end of George W. Bush's presidency, and a new Barack Obama administration. It's nearly time for cleaning out the White House.

Simple Recycling Guide to Get You Ready for America Recycles Day
    Check out this handy recycling guide for paper, plastics, metal, fabrics and more, helpful for America Recycles Day.

Turn Green Cleaning into a Game
    Here's a housework and parenting tip:Tturn green cleaning into a game of chores for children and other helpers. Smile, it's Housewife Day.

Have Ghosts and Ghouls Made Your Tiles Frightfully Dirty?
    Learn easy green cleaning for tiles with lemon juice and borax. Did ghosts and ghouls make your tiles dirty this Halloween?

Green Clean The Kitchen of Someone in Need
    On Make a Difference Day, offer to green clean the kitchen appliances of someone in need. You'll give the gift of a clean, healthy indoor space.

Did Sarah Palin Toast International Skeptics Day Over Global Warming?
    October 13 is International Skeptics Day, a time to reflect on deniers in the past, including global warming deniers. Sarah Palin, the vice presidential candidate, has fit in that category.

Cleaning Out Your Closets
    October 11 is National Coming Out Day, so take the time to green clean your closets. Freshen up storage spaces with baking soda, naturally, and give a thought to LGBT rights.

Scrub That Tub (The Gentle, Non-Toxic Way)
    Learn how to green clean that bathtub: scrub away grime with baking soda, salt and elbow grease. It's like purifying yourself for Rosh Hashanah.

Do Laundry Better Than Superman
    Christopher Reeves may have been Superman, but he wasn't good at doing laundry. Learn to do it better with natural green cleaning. All you need is sorting and a little vinegar.

(Green) Swab Your Decks! It's Almost Talk Like a Pirate Day
    September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so in honor of that swab your decks green! Get ready for green cleaning of decks, floors and more with non-toxic green cleaners, not chemicals.

How to Remove Stains from Wedding Dresses
    Don't let stains ruin your wedding: here's some green cleaning tips for removing red wine stains, grease stains and more from your wedding dress.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact When Flying
    Reduce your impact when flying by using reusable dishes. Take inspiration from Amelia Earhart and Gene Simmons.

Reduce Odor and Keep Pets Out of Your Garbage
    Reduce odors in garbage and repel pets (especially dogs) by sprinkling baking soda over the rubbish. And don't forget to remember National Homeless Animals Day.

Hand Washing Done Right
    Hand washing is important, so learn how to do it the right way with green cleaning tips. Also don't forget that it's Left Handed Day.

What Would Martha Stewart Do? Turn Lemons Into Green Cleaning Products
    Like Martha Stewart, learn to turn lemons into lemonade, in this case natural green cleaning products. Brighten white fabrics with lemon juice.

Clean Up Oil and Grease Stains… Like Harry Potter (And Wish Him Happy Birthday!)
    July 31 is Harry Potter's birthday, and the wizard inspires some green cleaning. Learn how to remove oil and grease stains with natural cleaning.

Green Clean Your Pantyhose
    Thread the Needle day, July 25th, is a time to remember sewing, and overcoming life's challenges. Also learn how to use green cleaning on pantyhose.

Cheer Up! It's National Anti-Boredom Month
    July is National Anti-Boredom Month, and it's a great time to beat boredum by rediscovering your inner creativity, curiosity and mindfulness.

6 Things You Didn't Know About Fried Chicken
    6 interesting facts about fried chicken, a very popular food, from safely putting out grease fires to vegan chicken and KFC.

Switch to a Green Toothbrush
    Take time for good oral hygiene, and switch to a green toothbrush.

How to Clean Paintbrushes
    Painting fences is a very American activity, and one that is called to mind in preparation for Independence Day on the Fourth of July. Use these natural green cleaning tips for paintbrushes.

Green Clean that Cast Iron Skillet
    Father's Day is a time to reflect on good memories. Learn how to green clean a cast iron skillet the way dad used to for beach camping.

It's National Bathroom Reading Week; Now Clean That Porcelain
    In honor of National Bathroom Reading Week, get your toilet and porcelain spotless -- with natural green cleaning.

How to Remove Oil Stains from Pavement
    Oil stains can be ugly on garage floors and driveways, but you can remove them with some smart green cleaning. Also remember that you're in good company, as some of history's greatest heroes started life as house cleaners.

How to Enjoy a Tasty, and Clean, Memorial Day
    Memorial Day is the start of the bbq season. Learn how to make great barbeque sauce, and how to employ green cleaning to get things spotless afterwards.

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