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The Green Carpet: Hollywood Home

Documentary Captures High-speed, Zero-Emissions Motorcycle Grand Prix
    A Q & A with documentarian responsible for CHARGE, about the first electric motorcycle grand prix, on the Isle of Man.

TV On the Front Lines of an Extinction Crisis
    Review of Battleground: Rhino Wars, a mini series on Animal Planet.

Portlandia: Because We Can Laugh At Ourselves
    Portlandia returns with over-the-top eco-conscious characters for a third season.

TV and Film Tackle 'Fracking' Debate
    Fracking debate gets the big and little screen treatment with Promised Land and a CBS Sunday Morning segment.

Electric Car Parade
    National Plug In Day Parade 2011 showcases electric cars.

Must-See Earth Week TV
    Television is going green for Earth Week and Earth Day with lots of good environmental programming. Here's a rundown of content for kids and adults.

Can Keith Olbermann Fire Up Al Gore's Current TV?
    Can former MSNBC pundit Keith Olbermann bring more audience to Current TV, even as it launches several new green shows?

CBS Launches New EcoAd Program
    The EcoMedia-led project applies to all ad platforms, and is designed to raise money for renewable energy projects.

Animal Planet's "Blood Dolphins" Shines Harsh Light on Captive Dolphin Trade
    Ric O'Barry of The Cove takes on the captive dolphin trade in the new series Blood Dolphins for Animal Planet.

Newsman Bob Woodruff's Biggest Story Is the Environment
    Bob Woodruff of Planet Green's Focus Earth talks about climate change, environmental journalism and going green.

Lazy Environmentalist Debuts on TV Tuesday
    Josh Dorfman of The Lazy Environmentalist has a new show on Sundance Channel, offering up green tips to save money while still living well.

The Lazy Environmentalist's Green Tips for Slackers
    Josh Dorfman of The Lazy Environmentalist has a new show on Sundance Channel, offering up green tips to save money while still living well.

ABC's The Goode Family Pokes Healthy Fun at Green Living
    ABC's new animated television show The Goode Family, from Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill creator Mike Judge, pokes fun at green living with humor and satire.

Fuel, a Must-See Movie for America, (Hopefully) Coming to a Theater Near You
    Fuel, the documentary film by Josh Tickell, won the audience award at Sundance, and is a moving account of the search -- and suppression -- of biofuels and other alternative fuels.

Soothing Relief: Melanie Mayron's Good Baby Natural Diaper Cream
    Actor Melanie Mayron's Good Baby Natural diaper cream is soothing relief without toxic chemicals.

Are You Ready for Digital TV Conversion?
    Mandatory Digital TV Conversion is upon us, and it will result in a glut of old TVs and electronics that need to be recycled. If you are buying new, should you go plasma, LCD, or just get a conversion box? Learn more here.

'Hollywood Goes Green' at Problem-Solving Conference
    At the Hollywood Goes Green conference, celebrities discuss ways to decrease their environmental footprints.

The 15 Must-See Green Shows On TV Right Now Pages: 2
    The best green shows on TV, from environmental news, entertainment, documentaries, movies, etc, from Sundance, Discovery, Planet Green, Animal Planet and more.

The 5 Most Annoying Green Trends in Hollywood
    Check out the most annoying hollywood green trends.

Hollywood Celebrities Build Green Homes
    Hollywood celebrities are designing green homes, boosting energy efficiency and setting good examples for green building, from Beverly Hills to New Orleans

The 10 Best Eco-Themed Movies for Kids
    TDG's list of 10 best eco themed movies for kids, from Ferngully to Finding Nemo, The Lion King, Homeward Bound and more.

How Green Celebrities Helped Save Our Planet This Summer
    A number of green celebrities volunteered time and money this summer for environmental causes, from Leonardo DiCaprio to Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver and more.

How Bill Nye the Science Guy Makes Green "Stuff Happen"
    Bill Nye the Science Guy of Planet Green's Stuff Happens answers questions about the environment, science and his show in this exclusive interview.

10 Funniest Green Moments on Recent TV
    Check out the funniest green clips from recent TV programs.

Hot Green TV: Endangered Species, Green Building, Eco Guilt & Beijing Olympic Pollution
    Check out the hottest green TV, from addressing China's Beijing pollution before the Olympics to protecting animals. Offerings from the National Geographic Channel, PBS and more.

Top Musicians Are Going Green
    Some of this summer's hottest music shows are going green, from rock to rap and more.

Green On the Small Screen, from Paul Watson to Fox and Sundance
    At the Television Critics Association Conference, green hits the small screen, from Ludacris and Tommy Lee on Planet Green to Paul Watson on Animal Planet, Isabella Rossellini on Sundance Channel and much more.

The Summer of (Green) Rock
    Some of the hottest rock and roll musicians are going green this summer.

Hollywood Kicks Off a Hot Green Summer
    Hollywood's hottest celebrities are kicking off a great summer by going green. Planet Green is launching, benefits are being hosted and much more.

Fresh New TV and Film Projects Bring It Green
    Planet Green is launching as a cable TV green network, featuring such stars as Adrian Grenier, Angela Lindvall and more. Disney is also launching more nature documentaries.

The Lighter Side of Green Celebrities
    Some of Hollywood's biggest names found it natural going green, so find out the latest on what your favorite green stars are up to.

Celebrities Are Going Green for Earth Day
    Hollywood's hottest stars celebrate Earth Day in green style, from actors to musicians, hip hoppers and more.

Celebrities Stand Up for Animals
    Hollywood's hottest celebrities came out to support HSUS's Genesis Awards, honoring those who fight for animal rights and welfare.

Celebrities Share Their Best Tips for Green Families
    Tips on green parenting and raising green families from some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.

Hollywood’s Hottest Celebs Go Green for Spring
    Hollywood's hottest celebrities are going green, from actors to comedians, musicians and more. This Spring is an exciting time for eco-friendly living in Tinseltown.

Celebrity Green Teens Inspire Action
    Hollywood's hottest green teens are going green, and inspiring youth across the nation to follow their lead.

Celebrity Parents are Going Greener
    Celebrities are going green when it comes to raising little eco-babies. Hollywood's hottest stars are turning into green parents, with organic clothing and bedding, baby care products and more.

Hollywood's Hot Oscar Week: Going Green
    Hollywood's hottest celebrities were going green for 2008 Oscar week, as the Academy Awards saw eco-friendly parties, food, cars and more.

Hollywood's Green Valentines
    Valentines Day is a time to remember love and couples, and for Hollywood that means celebrity eco couples who are going green. Celebrity green power couples include Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson and many more.

Know How Your Favorite Green Stars Are Voting?
    Hollywood's hottest stars, from Ben Affleck to Barbara Streisand, are getting out the green vote by supporting, endorsing and fundraising for Barack Obaba, Hillary Clinton, Jonathan Edwards and other presidential candidates.

Hollywood: Going Green or Getting Wasteful?
    Much of Hollywood has said it will go green in 2008, and some celebs are leading the way. Others are showing wasteful consumption, with private jets, lavish weddings and more.

The 10 Hottest Green Celebs of 2007 Pages: 2
    2007 has been a big year for going green in Hollywood and with rock musicians. From Al Gore to Pearl Jam, Leondardo DiCaprio and Ed Begley Jr., lots of green has been advanced.

Hollywood Learns How to Go Green
    Hollywood Goes Green Confab

Celebrity Green Giving
    Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt and other of Hollywood's hottest stars are going green this Christmas and winter holidays. Find out what celebrities are doing for the holidays, and what gifts they are, and could be, giving

Hollywood's Latest Green Streak Pages: 2
    Hollywood is going green these days, from Cameron Diaz to David Schwimmer. Movie studios are using renewable energy, offsetting carbon emissions, using hybrid vehicles, and so forth to counter the industry's big ecological footprint.

Rock the Green
    Leading music artists blaze an eco-friendly trail with environmental education, using biofuel, recycling, carbon offsets and other ways.

Hollywood's Happy Halloween Green
    Check out a green Halloween with Hollywood's hottest celebrities, from actors to directors and more. Eco friendly celebrations.

Starry Green Scene at the Environmental Media Awards

Celebs’ Off-the-Grid Cribs