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Driving Directions: Getting There Green Home

New Research on Electric Cars Suggests Eager Drivers
    A recent IBM IBV survey shows strong support for electric cars among Americans, and analysts are bullish on the market, though some potential trouble spots remain.

6 Standout Green Cars from the 2011 Detroit Auto Show
    The 2011 Detroit International Auto Show showcased several standout electric, hybrid and fuel efficient cars: The Chevrolet Volt, Ford Focus Electric, Honda Civic concept, Prius C, Prius V, Audi A6 and Hyundai Veloster.

Detroit Auto Show's Car of the Future Is Loaded with Green and Convenience Features
    Johnson Controls' ie:3 car of the future shows what's possible with lightweight materials and smart green design.

Ford's Better Idea: An Electric Car, with Apps
    Ford unveiled its electric Ford Focus at CES 2011 and a bunch of apps to use with the fuel-efficient electric car - explaining why the Consumer Electronics Show and not the Detroit Auto Show was the chosen venue.

2010 Was a Mixed Bag for Green Cars
    Despite the mild recovery in global car sales, eco friendly car sales were uneven.

Smith Electric Trucks Could Transform U.S. Shipping
    Smith Electric, now owned by a U.S. company, is making electric trucks for a variety of uses in U.S. shipping and trucking.

Jay Leno Loves His New Chevrolet Volt
    Celebrity comedian Jay Leno loves his new Chevrolet Volt electric car, which he says he will use for regular commuting.

A Gulf Coast Solar Lifeline, Courtesy of Elon Musk, Tesla and SolarCity
    Solar City and Tesla are donating a solar power array to South Bay Communities Alliance, which was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina - the first of $10 million in planned solar donations.

Americans' Expectations for Electric Cars Are on Collision Course with Reality
    With the Nissan Leaf, Coda sedan, Chevy Volt and other new electric cars rolling out, anticipation is high, but perceptions aren't always correct.

Electric Cars Are Being Showered with Love, But Let's Get Real about Numbers
    Electric cars are getting a lot of attention, but will their sales be strong?

Fiat 500 Review: Retro Economy, Italian Style
    The Fiat 500 review: an early look at the reimagining of the Italian classic, now as a high-MPG model for the U.S.

GM Invests $40 Million in Clean Energy to Accompany Chevy Volt Rollout
    General Motors moves to support the launch of its new Chevy Volt electric car with a broad-based plan of eco investments.

At LA Auto Show, California Emerges as Epicenter of Electric Car Revolution
    With the Nissan Leaf, Coda, Chevy Volt and other electric cars making a big splash at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2010, the progressive California market is gearing up for big sales.

Electric Cars Are the Hot Wheels at LA Auto Show 2010
    The 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show will feature exciting green models from Honda, Toyota, Chevy, Volvo, Coda, Tesla and other car makers.

Bipartisan Support Builds to Extend Electric Car Tax Credit
    Despite the Tea Party's landslide victory, there remains broad interest in supporting electric vehicles.

What the Tea Party Election Means for Electric Cars and Global Warming
    California's Proposition 23 may have gone down in flames, but lesser known Proposition 26 is still problematic. Will there be bipartisan support for electric cars?

The 10 Best Cities for Electric Cars
    The best cities for electric cars may surprise you, as a number of factors conspire to make them affordable and important. Hint: Texas is well represented.

Chevy Volt's Number One Fan Poised to Get Groundbreaking Car
    Dr. Lyle Dennis is a tireless blogger for the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid car, which is soon to arrive.

Early Test Drive of the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid, with Kids in Tow
    Test driving the 2012 Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid is a seminal moment.

Surprising Upset Marks New Ranking of Greenest Car Makers
    See the latest green rankings when it comes to car companies, according to research by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Road Testing Toyota's Fuel Cell Car Prototype for Six Months
    A select few drivers in Connecticut have been invited to try out the Toyota FCHV-adv fuel cell car, with hydrogen fueling provided by Proton and SunHydro.

Visit to Panasonic Highlights Japan's Innovative Appliance and Electronics Recycling
    A visit to a Panasonic recycling plant in Japan shows how appliances and electronics can be readily broken down, if the right incentives are in place.

Japan's Giant Electronics Show Goes Green
    Japan's CEATEC electronics show goes green, with many green gadgets on display from Panasonic and many others.

How Much Do You Know About Alternative Fuels?
    Straight talk on hybrids, electric cars, biodiesel, hydrogen and beyond.

Jay Leno Shares His Car Collection and a New iPhone App
    Jay Leno's Garage is about cars, past, present and future. There's a new iPhone App that helps spread the word.

Shooting for 60 MPG by 2025
    A broad base of stakeholders are pushing Obama to boost CAFE fuel economy standards to 60 MPG, most of which they say could be realized with existing technology.

Geothermal Electric Cars?
    Visionaries hope to tap Iceland's abundant geothermal energy to run electric vehicles.

Micro Hybrids Bring the Benefits of Start-Stop Engines to Everyone
    Micro hybrids offer the mpg boost of start stop engines in a cheaper package, and they can even be retrofitted on regular cars.

Peak Oil: Not Just for Conspiracy Theorists Anymore
    A sobering new report from Lloyd's of London raises big questions about peak oil and energy security.

ECTunes Pioneers Pedestrian-Safety Sounds for Electric Cars
    ECTunes is a Danish company developing pedestrian-safety sounds, or ringtones, to improve electric car noise.

An Exclusive First Drive of a Tesla-Powered Electric Mercedes
    A Tesla-converted Mercedes A-Class electric car prototype handles surprisingly well given it was a conversion done on spec.

Electric Cars Will Have Fewer Gadgets. Here's Why.
    Electric cars won't come fully loaded with GPS navigation systems, hand free phones or satellite radio to save energy and weight.

In Hawaii, the Sun Shines on Green Cars
    Visiting Bio Beetle, Maui EV conversion and exciting electric car projects in Hawaii.

Meet the Coda Electric Car, Soon Available in California
    A visit to the Coda electric car factory in Santa Monica gives a chance to see the EV prototype sedan up close, and learn about the emerging technology.

Hyundai and Its Bold 50 MPG Gas Mileage Goal Vs. Resurgent Consumer Demand for SUVs
    Sales of SUVs are up, despite fuel economy and cost.

Pop Musician Ditches the Van for a Bicycle-Based Tour
    Pop musician Ben Sollee is going green, doing his tour via bicycle and spreading a green message.

GM Finally Has a "Bright Idea"
    GM invests in Bright Automotive, the company behind the Bright Idea plug-in hybrid electric van.

Auto X Prize's Photo Finish and $2.5 Million Software Glitch
    A photo finish and $2.5 million software glitch mark excitement at the Progressive Auto X Prize, the race to design green cars with high mpg and low pollution. Battery electrics, ethanol, fuel cells, hybrids are more have hit the test track.

Innovative Car Sharing Helps a Walkable City Clear Its Streets
    Corner Cars is a car sharing service in Hoboken, New Jersey that offers green transportation and convenience.

New Designer Electric Car Charging Stations are Tomorrow's "Urban Furniture"
    Innovative designs for electric car charging stations from GE, Coulomb, ECOtality and others suggest a stylish future for EVs.

New Systems Promise Convenience for Electric Car Charging
    Three levels of electric car charging are being built out to support the Chevy Volt and other emerging electric vehicles.

For Car Companies, Social Media Is the New TV
    Car companies are starting to use social media technologies to promote their brands. Ford's innovative program for the Fiesta is the latest success, spearheaded by winners Team Houston.

VW Loads New American Car Factory with Exciting Green Technology
    Volkswagen (VW) is the latest in a series of auto companies to make their manufacturing plants zero waste.

Hippie Icons Are Actually Polluting Cars
    Hippie cars were in full force at the Clearwater Festival (The Great Hudson River Revival), despite their dirty emissions versus the modern Prius and other models.

A Recast 2011 VW Jetta Gets Launched by Katy Perry and Mario Batali
    The 2011 VW Jetta gets a big sendoff from stars Katy Perry, Mario Batali and more.

Can You Charge an Electric Car with an iPhone? (Yes)
    Smart cars are among the first to use iphone apps to help charge and run an electric cars. This is the future of electric vehicles.

Here Comes Personal Car Sharing: It's Time for Your Ride to Earn Its Keep
    Landmark legislation in California may kick off personal car sharing, which could make it much easier to lend our your car for cash, or borrow neighbors' vehicles for a low fee.

The End of Ford's Mercury Division Closes Another Circle of Auto Life
    Ford closes Mercury, as we take a look at hits and misses in auto history.

New Books, and Recent Events, We Can't Ignore
    Global warming solutions are available, but we aren't listening. Three recent books, and world events, give us a good reason to start paying more attention.

Planting the Leaf: Nissan Breaks Ground on a Lithium-Ion Battery Plant for Its Electric Car
    Electric cars like the Nissan Leaf need batteries, and a new lithium-ion battery factory in Nashville will boost U.S. capacity for electric vehicle batteries.

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