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River's Rebirth Gives New Life to Struggling City
    Daylighting the Saw Mill River in Yonkers will have many benefits, environmental and economic.

Even in Tough Economic Times, Environmental Investments Pay Off
    New York Gov. Cuomo is a leader in protecting the environment as an economic asset, even in tough budget times.

Congress, Don't Short Change Our Family Farms
    The 2012 Farm Bil must provide adequate funding for protecting family farms.

How to Preserve Family Farms, and Critical 'Foodsheds'

A High Point for the Hudson
    With GE finally dredging PCB pollution from the Hudson River, ending one chapter in the Hudson River's tortured environmental history, and starting another.

The Key to the Success of the America's Great Outdoors Initiative
    The America's Great Outdoors Initiative is an excellent program for conserving land, and even creating jobs, but it needs federal funding, and that means citizens have to speak out for the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

The Hudson River's Future Is Imperiled
    With the EPA nearing its decision about dredging PCBs from the Hudson River, General Electric is trying to avoid an expensive cleanup that would remove toxic chemicals from the river mud.

America's Great Outdoors Initiative Needs Federal Support
    The Hudson Valley is an example of where the America's Great Outdoors Initiative can really work to preserve farmland, parks and historic properties, but it needs federal support.

Doug Tompkins, Kris Tompkins and Their Fight to Preserve Patagonia
    Kris and Doug Tompkins are famous for founding or leading clothing lines like Patagonia, Esprit and The North Face, but they have a larger legacy: The conservation of the Patagonia region in South America.

Inspiring Graduates to Tackle the Problem of Global Warming
    This inspiring global warming speech was given at a graduation ceremony at Albany University's Department of Geography and Planning. Inspirational green speech about the environment.

Closing State Parks Won't Solve Budget Crisis
    Closing state parks will not generate the revenue that governors seem to think; in fact, it's likely to cost states more, since parks generate more money for the economy than states have to invest.

Protecting Farms Saves More Than Local Food
    Farmland preservation keeps not only local food available from local farms, but also preserves grassland habitat that is key for many wildlife species, including birds like northern harriers and bobolinks.

How Parks Employ More People Than Walmart
    Parks jobs provide real money for the economy, but preserving new parks is rarely the goal of leaders trying to boost employment.

Why You Have the Right to Protect Open Space
    The so-called Scenic Hudson decision saved Storm King Mountain and set in motion a range of laws and court decisions that allow citizens to protect important environments.

When Thinking Inside the Box Makes Sense
    Adaptive reuse of old buildings, factories, warehouses and other derelict properties holds tremendous smart growth promise for cities trying to revitalize and preserve open spaces, forests and farms.

2 New Must-See Parks for Leaf-Peeping
    Walkway Over the Hudson State Park and Franny Reese State Park offer spectacular views of the Hudson River for leaf peeping and other excursions.

An Apple a Day ... Keeps the Farmers in Business
    Buying local food from local farmers not only is healthy and good for the environment but also supports the local economy and can even keep taxes down.

No Matter How Wide the River, Take Your Kayak
    "Blue trails" like the Hudson River Valley Greenway Water Trail, are the best way to experience a body of water -- or cool off on a hot summer day.

General Electric Can Prove Its "Ecomagnination" on the Hudson
    General Electric can show it has changed is ways by committing to the entire Hudson River PCB dredging project and by ceasing its challenge of Superfund law.

How a 20-Minute Walk Can Solve the Obesity Epidemic (and Why That Walk's Easier for Some Than for Others)
    Here's one simple solution to the obesity epidemic: Spend highway money on rails and trails, and encourage people to take one 20-minute walk every day.

Good News in Bad Times: New York Invests Big in Environment
    New York keeps funding Environmental Protection Fund despite recession.

Discover the Landscape That Defined America
    The Hudson River Valley is an amazing ecological, scenic and historic resource and 2009 is the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's voyage of discovery, making this a perfect year to visit.

Why Investing In Parks Is Smart Economic Stimulus
    It makes sense to invest in national parks and other environmental projects as part of the economic stimulus. The lessons of FDR's "Tree Army" tell us that. Here's why.

TOD Spells Global Warming Solutions and Economic Stimulus
    Transit oriented development - TOD - is a concept for developing communities that want to live on rail and other mass transportation lines. Developing TOD and mass transit can simultaneously help solve the global warming and economic crises.

How One Community Started a Winter Farmers' Market
    Hearty Roots farm has started a local winter farmers' market in the Hudson Valley, an effort made possible by the farm preservation efforts of Scenic Hudson, a local land trust.

Cost of Tackling Ocean Acidification: Just $237 Billion
    Filmmakers are finishing up a new documentary about ocean acidification.

“In Wilderness Is the Preservation of the World"
    Land preservation is more important than ever, given the economic crisis befalling the nation. Here's why.

The Spiritual Power of Nature, and of Art
    George Inness and Whistler captured that ephemeral spiritual nature of the outdoors. Ahhh....

How the U.S. Real Estate Slump Helps, and Hinders Land Conservation
    The real estate slump has both helped, and hindered, the atttempts by land conservation organizations to preserve scenic, natural and working landscapes, like forests, open spaces and farms.

Land Protection: More Is More
    Protecting land isn't enough. Large parks and preserves must be connected to allow for functioning ecosystems that clean water and air, and provide habitat for wildlife. Contiguous is the key word.

Hope for Hudson River Fish
    Hudson River fish are in sharp decline, a bad sign for not only that important Atlantic coastal estuary, but for rivers up and down the East Coast.

The World's Highest Pedestrian Bridge (in the Making)
    The Walkway Over the Hudson project aims to restore the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge as the tallest pedestrian walkway in the world.

Hudson River Fish in Startling Decline
    Hudson River fish are in sharp decline, a bad sign for not only that important Atlantic coastal estuary, but for rivers up and down the East Coast.

What a NASA Family Can Teach Us
    The kind of big thinking that got us to the moon is now needed to solve the global warming crisis and transform our energy use.

Building the First Carbon-Negative Airport
    New York's Hudson Valley could be home to the first carbon negative airport if Port Authority plans to develop Stewart International Airport come to fruition.

Eco-Spiritualism, Global Warming Teach-Ins and Progress
    Saving farmland from sprawl is possible. Here's how to do it.

Stop Sprawl to Protect the Climate and Save Money
    Saving farmland from sprawl is possible. Here's how to do it.

Sprawl Is the No. 1 Threat to America's Farms
    Saving farmland from sprawl is possible. Here's how to do it.

Visionaries See Dangers Before They're Apparent
    Stores over alternatives to toxic toys, exemplified by recent lead paint recalls. It's the visionaries who perceived this danger before it was apparent.

Introducing Backyard Matters
    Backyard Matters blog helps you take action in your community.