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organic mom: Entries by Deirdre Dolan

Back to School 2009: A Guide to Green Goods
    Green back to school supplies, including green childrens shoes, green childrens clothes, green school supplies, green lunch boxes and more.

10 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality
    How to improve indoor air quality, particularly when your landlord doesn't use low-VOC paint.

5 Baby Sleep Secrets
    tips for getting your kid to sleep.

Hey Parents - What Is Your Burning Question?
    We've drawn up a top 10 list of actions that are most important for expectant mothers and for parents to take - but what else do you need to know? Tell us, and we'll answer.

It's Getting Easier Being Green
    Finding organic yogurt and other green foods is easier.

14 Questions to Ask Your Daycare Provider
    How to keep your school experience green, safe and nontoxic.

The Truth About Vanilla
    Vanilla seems natural enough, but often it's made from wood pulp waste from the paper industry or from petrochemicals. Here's what you need to know.

The Most Toxic Cars and Car Seats

How to Choose Indoor Plants to Clean the Air
    How to find safe indoor plants that help to clean the air of toxic indoor air pollution, and also what to do with those pesky old bottles of conventional cleaners you want to replace with homemade or nontoxic alternatives.

Raw Milk Victory
    California will boost prospects for raw milk with a new law, and it could have implications nationwide.

Safe Alternatives to Baby Lotions and Wipes
    Phthalates are a growing concern but there are baby lotions and wipes that are free of toxic substances, and techniques that can alleviate the need for most lotions, powders and wipes in the first place.

Setting the Bar on Formaldehyde at Home Pages: 2
    The federal government should adopt California's strict limits on formaldehyde, particularly when it comes to manufactured homes, as the FEMA toxic trailer debacle should make clear.

What's in Your Breast Milk? (and Is It Safe for Baby?)
    Phthalates are present in breast milk and may concern mothers worried about the way the chemical affects hormones in laboratory studies, but the nutritional benefits of breast milk may outweigh those concerns.

The Dirt on Getting Clean
    Research raises concerns about triclosan and triclorcarban, ingredients in many cleansers and personal care products.

Men Prefer Meat, Women Love Lettuce
    There are lots of good environmental reasons to go vegetarian. More women than men seem to do it, though.

Earth's Best Withdraws Infant Formula Due to Fishy Smell
    Earth's Best infant formula was withdrawn, apparently because of a "fishy smell," as the Year of the Recall continues.

Many Toxic Toys Still for Sale This Holiday
    Tips and resources for avoiding toxic toys.

Reduce Seasonal Garbage Guilt By Reducing Garbage
    Easy tips for reducing your holiday waste load.

The Proof is In: Organic is More Nutritious
    Studies show organic food is more nutritious.