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The authors of Plenty: One Man, One Woman, and a Raucous Year of Eating Locally, Smith and MacKinnon write about local eating for global change.

What Foods Would You Miss?
    As the Latest 100 Mile Diet Challenge Nears to a Close, the Author Looks Forward to a Beer.

What Is Local Seafood?
    Does It Matter If A Locally Caught Fish Is Processed Elsewhere?

Local Food on a Budget
    The 100 Mile Diet Authors Give Tips on How to Eat Local For Less. Local food need not be too expensive.

100 Mile Diet Mission Challenge: Cake
    Needed: A Recipe for a 100 Mile Birthday Cake with No Nuts and Little Egg. Can You Help?

What About Global Fair Trade?
    The author of the 100-Mile Diet gives his thoughts on Global Fair Trade.

2008: The Ecoyear
    We've been meeting people far and wide who are managing to eat locally and 2008 looks like a banner year for more to jump on board.

Getting Personal with a Tuna
    One of the most powerful reminders I’ve had of the importance of getting back in touch with my food.

Sign the Petition Against Canada's Blockade of a Climate Change Agreement

From Wheat-Free To Wheat Festival
    The simple act of growing organic wheat can be the start of building a local food culture.

Portion Size and Sustainability
    James MacKinnon, author or the 100 Mile Diet talks about the portion size of restaurant meals - and just how significant the consequences are in terms of sustainability.