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Carving a Jack-o-Lantern this Weekend? Here's How to Cook the Pumpkin Goop!
    Carving a pumpkin for Halloween? Try these delicious pumpkin recipes for bisque, casserole, milk shakes and even pickles.

The Green Cheapskate's Guide to Buying Used Bikes
    Take the Green Cheapskate's tips for buying used bikes.

5 Frugal Fall Gardening Tips
    Spring Fever is for spendthrifts. For cheapskates, Fall's the time to garden. Here are some smart tips for saving money on lawn and garden equipment and plants in the fall.

Cheap Sleep: 8 Budget-Friendly Lodging Options for Travelers
    These travel tips amusingly offer advice about finding cheap lodging while traveling, including at hostels, by couch surfing and home swapping, sleeping on trains and ferries, and more.

7 Ways to Control Lawn and Garden Pests - The Green Cheapskate Way
    Controlling lawn and garden pests the green cheapskate way means using and reusing cheap, easily found substances at home.

The Snobbish Wine Guest Switcheroo and Other Cheapskate Wine Tips
    There are many advantages and benefits of boxed wine.

Saving Money, Amish Style
    Money Secrets of the Amish, a new book, has great money saving tips that boil down to living simply and rejecting technology that doesn't represent progress.

To Repair or Replace? That is the Question.
    Wondering when it makes sense to repair and when it makes sense to replace a broken item? Use these five rules to figure it out.

17 Creative Things to Do with Phone Books
    Recycling tips and creative reuse ideas, from crafts to storage and more, for unwanted Yellow Pages and other phone books.

How Many Recycled Cans Does It Take to Make an Airplane?
    These surprising facts about the environment will have you scratching your head.

10 Painless Ways to Save for Vacation
    With these simple tips, saving for vacation is easier than you imagined.

6 Ways to Go Green and Save Money in 2011
    These 2011 resolutions from the Green Cheapskate show you how to build wealth by going green.

10 Handy Alternative Uses of Charcoal
    Put extra charcoal to work around the house with these alternative uses, beyond serving as Christmas lumps of coal.

9 Great Free and Ultra-Cheap Christmas Gifts
    With these ideas, keep the holiday spending under control, without being a Scrooge.

25 A-peeling Uses for Fruit and Veggie Scraps
    Got watermelon rinds or onion skins? Save money around the house with these creative food waste recycling tips. Put your fruit rinds and vegetable peels to work.

Inspector Bob's Fall Home Maintenance Checklist
    Fall is a great time to do a home inspection, so follow this home maintenance checklist to get things in good shape before winter.

The Cheapskate's Trash Can Autopsy Can Save You Cash
    The Green Cheapskate performs a trash can autopsy to recycle trash, reduce waste and save money.

Why I Prefer the Cheapest, Sleaziest Hotels
    There are a number of joys from staying in cheap hotels, like the Hotel Carter in NYC, or fleabag motor inns, in addition to saving money. Also get tips on discount lodgings that aren't so scary.

How to Pack Like a Cheapskate
    Learn how to travel light and pack smartly.

5 Tips for Getting Happier on Less Money
    Simplify your life and get happier, while spending less money. It's easier than you think!

The Surprising Secrets of America's Happy Cheapskates
    Jeff Yeager, the author of The Cheapskate Next Door, answers our questions about saving money, living thrifty and focusing on the important things in life.

50 Healthy Foods for Under $1 a Pound
    With this shopping list it's easy to prepare cheap healthy meals that taste great.

How to Compost Almost Anything
Home Composting the Cheapskate Way

    Learn how to compost almost anything, with these tips on surprising things you can compost at home. Compost the Cheapskate way, with these backyard composting tips.

10 Things I Learned While Living Without Running Water
    After a well burst, Jeff went days with no running water. He learned to adapt, and to save water along the way.

Join the Spring Cleaning of America's Rivers
    The Potomac River cleanup is a great way to volunteer to remove trash from America's waterways.

5 Simple Ways You're Wasting Money in the Bathroom
    You may be using more toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, toilet paper and water than you need to each time you go to the bathroom.

Grow Your Own Drugs: A Perfect Guide for the Recreational User
    James Wong's book Grow Your Own Plants is about taking advantage of nature's pharmacy and supermarket: the many beneficial properties of plants.

Freezer Freaks: 10 Weird Things I Freeze to Save Money
    Extend the life of common items like batteries, pantyhose, coffee and wood by storing it in your freezer.

Top 5 Money-Saving Tips
    America Saves Week is a great time to practice these easy money saving tips.

Can't Decide if It's Clutter or Treasure? Read This
    Decluttering is easy and painless: donate stuff you don't use to charities.

12 Surprising Ways to Reuse Aluminum Foil
    Aluminum foil (aka "tin foil") is highly recyclable, and also has many valuable, money-saving uses around the house. So don't throw it away!

Fondue Solutions: How to Save Money at Home with 5 Products Gathering Dust in Your Closet
    How to save money at home, with some of the same products you already have tucked in the closet. These money saving tips are easy and cheap.

10 Shocking Facts About Our World
    Surprising environmental statistics on oil spills, teen allowance, credit cards, roads and more.

This Fun, Seasonal Outdoor Activity Saves Wildlife
    Audubon's Christmas Counts is a great way for bird watchers to contribute valuable citizen science, while having fun outdoors.

12 Cool Things to Do with Used Dryer Sheets
    Dryer sheets have many uses around the house in addition to fabric softener, from thrifty cleaning to organizing. Save money!

Cheapskates Against Talking While Driving
    Cell phone driving is dangerous to public safety, and should be illegal.

5 Easy Ways to Save Some Green This Holiday Season
    Green holiday tips to help you save money and still have a meaningful experience, with food, entertaining, gift giving, decorations and much more.

Who's Cheaper, Him or Her?
    Lauren Weber, author of In Cheap We Trust, goes head to head with the Green Cheapskate, Jeff Yeager, to see who's more thrifty.

20 Money-Saving Ways to Reuse Old Pantyhose
    Nylon pantyhose can be reused or "recycled" for many purposes around the house, from cleaning to organizing and more.

Hummer Owners Claim Moral High Ground, Flouting MPG and Car Payments
    Hummers and other SUVs have expensive car payments, so don't make a lot of financial sense, as well as environmental.

11 Creative Ways to Reuse Packing Peanuts
    Creative ways to recycle or reuse packing peanuts, and suggestions on how to green up your shipping and packaging.

Are We Charging the Planet into Ruin?
    Credit cards make us spend more, especially on items that are bad for the environment. Learn to go greener.

Recycling Oddities: Beyond Metal, Glass, Paper and Plastic
    Strange things that can be recycled.

6 Commuting Tips to Help You Survive Terrible Traffic Tuesday
    Get these smart green commuting tips to save time, money and the environment in your daily transportation. Carpool, take the bus and transit, and much more.

Six Ways to Shorten Your Belt by Tightening It
    Save money and get fit with these thrifty tips.

10 Smart Ways to Reuse Stale Bread
    How to reuse stale bread in the kitchen and around the house to save money and avoid food waste.

Zen and the Art of Frugal Gardening
    Discover the beauty of Japanese gardens, and benefit the local environment. Getting started is easier and cheaper than you might think.

13 Things You Couldn't Pay Me to Buy
    Things not to buy in order to save money. Check out these frugal tips from the Green Cheapskate.

10 Ways to Reuse Plastic Soda Bottles and Save Up to $3,000+
    Save money around the house by reusing plastic soda bottles as funnels, weights, juicers and other objects. It's fun to reuse plastic bottles.

10 Ways to Get More Wear, and Less Tear, Out of Your Clothing
    Easy laundry tips and shopping advice to help you save money on clothes, plus make the clothing you do have last longer.

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