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2,500 Miles at 60 MPG
    Benjamin F.T. Jones, a hypermiler and ecomodder, averaged 60 miles per gallon over 2,500 miles, as he drove to HybridFest in his modified Honda CRX.

World's Biggest Hybrid and Green Car Show
    HybridFest in Madison, Wisconsin is the world's largest hybrid cars and green cars festival.

Getting 133 MPG in a 1998 Pontiac
    Hypermiling and ecomodding pioneer Darin Cosgrove gets insane gas mileage out of his old car. Learn how he gets such great fuel economy.

Where Will GM Go from Here?
    What is the future of GM? Will General Motors die out, or will they adapt with plug-in hybrids, electric cars, hydrogen and more?

Will America Survive the Small Car?
    With high gas prices, America's auto-buying habits are finally shifting away from big vehicles and toward higher gas mileage compacts.

Everything You Need to Know About Tires and Gas Mileage
    Tires are an important part of your vehicle, and good maintenance and selection can boost your gas mileage. Check out these tips for smart fuel economy.

What You Need to Know About Gas Mileage
    Try this simple tips from a hypermiler to boost your gas mileage. Great fuel economy is easier than you think, and it starts with good driving behavior and maintenance.

Mercedes Introduces BlueTEC Lower Emission Diesels
    Auto giant Mercedes-Benz is releasing a line of diesel engines that have lower emissions. They are targeting the European market, but hopefully may become available in the U.S. as well.

Great Gas Mileage is a Game
    Ecomodders, or hypermilers, are committed to getting the best gas mileage they can from their vehicles. High fuel economy can be an addicting game, and can be accomplished through adjusting your driving to be more efficient, or mods to your car.

Falling Dollar Reshapes Markets for Green Cars
    The weak U.S. economy and falling dollar has changed the strategies of Tesla and Audi, and possibly more car companies, in terms of selling green cars. Hybrid cars and electric cars to be affected, and possibly small vehicles.

Mercedes To Release Even More Fuel-Efficient Cars
    Mercedes will soon announce improved gas mileage numbers for several new models. Sadly, these cars will only be available in Europe.

New VW TDI Hybrid Concept Car to Get 69 MPG
    The Volkswagen TDI diesel hybrid concept car boasts impressive gas mileage of 69 mpg.

With Small Mods, Mercedes Boosts Fuel Economy
    With its new Blue Efficiency line, Mercedes is offering improved gas mileage. Fuel economy is boosted mostly through small design tweaks, improving aerodynamics and reducing weight.