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URTH Guy is a green blog about recycling, green design, urban style, reuse, freecycling, green technology, the Internet, green humor and events.

Vu1 Light Bulbs Go Beyond CFLs and LEDs
    Vu1's upstart boasts "Electron Stimulated Luminescence" (ESL) bulbs.

New WindMade Label to Certify Products Made with Wind Energy
    WindMade visionary Morten Albaek explains the push to stimulate renewable energy with a new global consumer label program.

Today Is National Swap Day
    January 22 has been designated National Swap Day, to get people to take advantage of the growing trend.

8 Reasons Why Fear over Hybrid and Electric Car Batteries Is Overblown
    Clean car experts point to rapidly improving technology, battery recycling programs, lifecycle analysis and other important factors.

New Green Blog Counters "Eco Snobbery" with Humor and Inclusiveness
    Eco-Snobbery Sucks takes aim at green elitism, and hopes to be an inclusive website.

Last Minute Gifts: Green Books by TDG Writers and Friends
    Books in 2010 by The Daily Green staff and friends, from Green Lighting and Geothermal HVAC to The Green Body Cleanse and No More Dirty Looks.

Green Lighting Spreads Around the Web
    Green Lighting, the book on energy efficient lighting co-written by TDG editor Brian Clark Howard, is getting great press.

TDG Readers Get Exclusive Invites to Ecopetts, a New Green Social Service
    Try out the "virtual pet" private beta Ecopetts from Formative Labs, a new green social networking site.

Santa's New Home?
    There's trouble brewing in the North Pole, as this global warming PSA shows, starring Santa Claus.

7 Places You Shouldn't Put a CFL
    Compact fluorescent light bulbs can help you save energy, but they have limitations, and sometimes LEDs or halogens can be a better bet.

Join TDG and the Authors of Green Lighting for a Westchester, NY Book Event
    Meet TDG's Brian Clark Howard and the other authors of Green Lighting at a book event at the Ossining Public Library. Learn how LEDs and other efficient technologies can save you energy and money.

1,000 Volunteers Help 50 Displaced New Orleans Families Rebuild Their Homes, in 5 Days
    Rebuilding Together New Orleans has teamed up with Sears, Americorps and other partners to revitalize the devastated city five years after Hurricane Katrina.

Pepsi Refresh Project Inspires Kids to Eat Veggies and Puts Solar Panels in New Orleans
    Pepsi Refresh Project's website takes grant-giving into Web 2.0. Anyone can apply for funding, as did the Belleville Farmers' Market for their Taste Buds project.

Animal Camp Shares Heartwarming Stories of Rescued Farm Animals
    Kathy Stevens' book Animal Camp, about her experiences at Catskills Animal Sanctuary, is passionate plea for animal welfare.

Bjorn Lomborg's "Cool It" Documentary Full of Ozone-Sized Holes
    Bjorn Lomborg's Cool It documentary takes another contrarian view of climate change, with many problems along the way.

Check Out NYC's Urban Go Green Expo This Weekend!
    Check out the Urban Go Green Expo in NYC.

Find a Great Green Job With a Few Clicks has teamed up with JobTarget to offer resources to employers and job seekers in the growing field of green jobs.

sOccket: Kick an LED Soccer Ball Around, Light Up the Night
    The sOccket LED soccer ball is designed to bring easy, affordable illumination to developing countries. The young founders received a Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award.

Stylish, Free Posters Show You What Can Be Recycled
    These cool posters from illustrator Burntfeather show you what can be recycled in your home recycling bin.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Energy Saving Light Bulbs
    Green lighting has many benefits from saving energy to improving comfort and productivity. Check out these facts and myths.

Check Out Green Living Guy's Book Tour
    Green Living Guy Seth Leitman, co-author of the Green Lighting book, will be doing a speaking and signing tour.

17 of the Weirdest Meat Creations
    Some of the weirdest meat creations on the internet, from bacon bras to giant burgers, hot dog rakes and more funny stuff. Is this meat fetish getting people to eat more?

10 of the Best Colleges for Environmental Studies
    These colleges are among the best for environmental sciences, according to education expert Edward Fiske.

Come Celebrate Green Lighting with Us!
    Join TDG, Rock The Reactors and allies on July 14th, Bastille Day, at the Hiro Ballroom in NYC, as we learn how green lighting and LEDs can help shut down the aging Indian Point nuclear power plant.

Organic Tequila? Si
    Arta organic tequila offers a refreshing new eco friendly alcohol.

A Gorgeous Green Modular Home Appears at the World Trade Center
    The Country Living Home Green Home is a showcase of green design and the possibilities of modular homes.

1800recycling Makes Recycling a Snap
    John Shegarian of Electronic Recyclers International leads the fight against e-waste and garbage

Teens Lead a Fresh Green Charge
    Inspiration from the e4 Eco Expo for Environmental Education and Teens Turning Green.

Get to Know the Nature of NYC. Yes Nature.
    Celebrate native plants at NYC Wildflower Week 2010!

Can Someone Please Explain How This Iceberg Formed in My Kitchen?
    Ice formed in a refrigerator after baking soda was placed inside. How does this happen?

First Christie's Green Auction Raises Over a Million Dollars for Conservation
    The stars came out to the first Christie's Green Auction, which raised money for environmental causes. Salma Hayek, Miranda Kerr, Sam Waterston and many more helped support NRDC, Conservation International, the Central Park Conservancy and Oceana.

Meet TDG at the e4 Eco Expo for Environmental Education
    Check out the e4 Eco Expo for Environmental Education.

What Does Avatar's Huge Earth Day Mean for Green?
    Avatar by James Cameron and Jon Landau is an eco-themed blockbuster that teaches many lessons.

Peek Backstage Behind NBC Universal's Green Efforts
    A tour of NBC studios at Rockefeller Center shows some of the green things the company is doing as part of NBC Universal Green Week for Earth Day.

Peer Behind the Green Curtain at the World's First Eco Modeling Competition
    See video behind the scenes of Project Green Search, the first green modeling competition.

Sarah Silverman Kills It at Global Warming Debate
    Sarah Silverman moderated a lively global warming debate between Amanda Little and Phelim McAlee, sponsored by Lexus hybrid CT200h.

A Visual Guide to the Hats of SEO
    SEO hat jokes: fun with search engine optimization humor. See SEO black hats, white hats, bacon hats, brain hats, dunce hats and much more!

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Don't Miss the Greener Gadgets Conference Tomorrow!
    The Greener Gadgets Conference 2010 showcases new clean technology and energy efficient, sustainable design.

Going Green? Now There's an App for That!
    Green Map Systems has released a new iPhone app and mobile website to connect people with eco-friendly products, services and places in their communities.

"WOW" Guests with This Funky New Toilet
    Wow Toilets have a dual flush feature to save water. They also have a funky decor feature you have to see.

A Pop Pantheon of Broken Record Heroes
    The Mr. Brainwash Icons show featured fascinating pop art, including rock gods rendered in broken records.

    While watching web traffic stats on our blogs with Omniture software, we sometimes feel overwhelmed by the data... the OM-NOM-NOMNITURE monster!

Does Creepy Toyota Ad Foreshadow Recall Problems?
    The creepy Toyota ads in Complex magazine can be seen as ironic in the wake of the sudden acceleration and Prius brake recalls.

How to Make the Most of Super Bowl Season
    How to throw a green super bowl party.

Can You Spot the Fake Weather-Predicting Groundhog?
    From Punxsutawney Phil to Pothole Pete, take this quiz of famous Groundhog Day groundhogs names, and see how many you know.

A Sneak Peek of the Smart Grid
    Utilities are working on building out the smart grid, with help from Obama stimulus money. Con Edison in New York is running a pilot test of the technology as well.

Raj Patel's Blueprint for a Better World
    Raj Patel outlines a better world in his new book The Value of Nothing.

Paint a Frisbee for the Earth
    Help the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut go green by participating in the charity Frisbee painting auction.

In Time for the Olympics, Major Green Improvements Hit Ski Resorts
    Many major green improvements have been made at ski resorts, as the ski and snowboard industry attempts to confront climate change.

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