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How to Raise Chemical Free Kids: Non-Toxic Solutions from Deirdre Imus Home

How to Prevent Your Child from Getting Swine Flu at School
    How to prevent swine flu from infecting your child at school.

The 6 Do's and Don'ts of Childhood Vaccines
    How to avoid vaccine side effects and keep your child safe from disease without risking other health problems, including autism.

Be Wary of Cell Phone Radiation
    Are cell phones safe for children? Some research suggest we should be concerned, so use the precautionary principle and limit childhood exposure to cell phone radiation.

Let Recess Boost Your Child's IQ
    The benefits of school recess go beyond physical education to improved learning outcomes, socialization and other worthwhile benefits.

Use Nontoxic Hand Sanitizer
    Why you should avoid using hand sanitizers with antibacterial agents like triclosan.

Go with Integrated Pest Management to Keep Schools Nontoxic and Safe
    If you have a pest problem at your school, use integrated pest management, a pesticide alternative method.

Use Nontoxic Head Lice Treatments
    Pesticide head lice treatments can cause health and environmental problems. Use alternative non toxic head lice treatments for a safer way to treat headlice infestations.

Healthy School Lunches in 3 Steps
    Making healthy school lunches can be a challenge, but these three tips make it easy to make sure your child is getting a nutritious lunch at school.

Choose Safe Water Bottles
    Why stainless steel water bottles, like the Sigg water bottle, are the best choice for kids and adults concerned about health and the environment.

Choose Sustainable Backpacks, and Pack Them Light
    How to choose safe school backpacks so that your kids backpack is not too heavy.

Use Green Cleaning Supplies at Your School
    Cleaning products used in schools can have harsh chemicals that may cause asthma attacks and other serious health problems. Use green cleaning products and supplies to avoid the risk.

Green Up Your Back-to-School Shopping
    Simple tips for making your back to school shopping green, nontoxic, sustainable and eco friendly.

12 Ways to Protect Your Kids from Toxic Chemicals and Improve Their Health
    Deirdre Imus is an expert on childhood health, particularly on how to avoid toxic substances. The Daily Green worked with her to create this feature.