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How Natural Makeup Can Improve Your Health
    How to get started using natural organic cosmetics, and why these natural beauty tips will help improve your health.

Where to Shop for Natural Beauty Products
    Where to buy natural beauty products, natural makeup, organic cosmetics and other green personal care products.

Replace These 3 Products First
    How to choose the best deodorant, perfume and face cream and take three giant green steps toward a healthier beauty regime.

Reduce Packaging Waste
    Look for cosmetics and beauty products with less packaging and sustainable packaging to keep your carbon beauty footprint low - but your cash allowance high.

Make Your Own Homemade Natural Beauty Supplies
    Make homemade cosmetics, makeup and other natural beauty products.

Be Shameless About Free Makeup Samples
    Request free samples of natural beauty products and organic cosmetics to try at home with a skin patch test before purchasing the entire product.

Trust These 6 Green Beauty Product Labels
    Organic cosmetics and natural beauty products have a confusing array of certifications, including IOC, BDIH, USDA Organic and Whole Foods labels. Here's what each means, and which you can trust.

Be Skeptical of These 10 Marketing Terms
    Marketing terms on supposedly natural beauty product packaging can be misleading, making false greenwashing claims about natural, organic, and nontoxic beauty products and cosmetics.

Avoid These 6 Beauty Product Ingredients
    Many ingredients in cosmetics and other beauty products contain toxic and potentially harmful chemicals, like formaldehyde, parabens, petroleums and other suspect chemicals.

How to Perform a Patch Test in 3 Easy Steps
    Step-by-step instructions on how to perform a patch test on your skin to avoid allergic reactions to makeup, cosmetics and other personal care products.