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Happy Trail Running

The Brooks Cascadia 6 trail running sneaker is so fresh and so green.

cascadia 6 brooks

Last year Brooks broke into the green running shoe scene with their Green Silence, a sleek, light-weight, running shoe with tons of eco-friendly materials. This year Brooks is hitting the trails with the Cascadia 6, an eco-friendly trail running shoe. Brooks sent me a pair to test out, and although my running routine usually has me hitting the pavement, not the trails, I was curious to see how they would hold up in the wilds of New York City.

First thing you'll notice when you open the shoe box made of 100% post-consumer packaging is how cool looking these shoes are. My pair has pops of green and blue and sports a quirky insole design that looks like a one of those tree-shaped car air fresheners and reads "Run Fresh" (see photo, bottom left).

cascadia 6 brooks

Now, for the serious stuff: the shoes boast energy saving construction, no hazardous metals in their inks and dyes, 30% recycled rubber, and a biodegradable midsole/insole and tongue, among other planet-friendly materials and features.

The last thing you're thinking about when you're running is what your shoes are made of. So, as great and green as the construction of the shoe is, and as fun as it looks, it has got to perform when you need it most – say five miles into a 10-mile run. Whether you're zigzagging around trees and up slippery hills, or dodging more urban running obstacles such as strollers and small dogs, the shoes’ balance and strong adaptable support system will keep you going strong. The added bonus: while your shoes are supporting your feet they're also supporting the landscape you're running through. Happy trails!

You can hit your stride in your own pair of Cascadia 6's for about $100 at

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