Kauri Tree

A tree unique to a single mountain on a single island is disappearing fast.

Photo By: Francois Tron / Conservation International

A recent report from Conservation International and others highlighted the biodiversity--including 16 potentially new species, and one, the crow honeyeater, which hadn't been seen in decades--on Mt. Panie, New Caledonia, in the Southwest Pacific Ocean. The kauri tree (Agathis montana) is a towering, iconic evergreen tree that naturally occurs only on Mt. Panié and nowhere else in the world. Shockingly, CI scientists found that 18% of the larger trees on Mt. Panié have already died, and over 27% are now dying, indicating the species’ existence in the wild is in serious jeopardy, due to soil erosion and invasive pigs, infection from alien pathogens and climate change.

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