Radjah Shelduck

An Australian native, now visible in Central Park.

Photo By: Julie Larsen Maher / WCS

In the fourth year of its waterfowl breeding program, the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Central Park Zoo is home to eight rare or endangered species from around the world that have produced chicks this year. With 23 duck species on exhibit, the zoo has the largest public collection of sea ducks in the world.

The radjah shelduck lives in the Central Park Zoo’s Tropic Zone among dozens of species of free-flying birds. Native to Australia, this bird prefers wetlands and feeds on aquatic vegetation and invertebrates. They will migrate to find water and food sources, but their range is limited to the coastal tropics of northern Australia. Central Park Zoo raised five chicks this year. Two of the chicks are on exhibit in the Tisch Children’s Zoo while the other three have moved to other zoos to begin breeding programs.

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