"Coneflower and Grasshopper," and More Summer Scenes

The best summer photos from you, our readers.


coneflower and grasshopper
Sherry Ziolkowski
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Coneflower and Grasshopper

I had coneflowers in my backyard and happened upon a grasshopper sitting on one of the blossoms.

Arlington Heights, Illinois

summer farmers market
Tracey Lambe
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Farmers' Market Bounty

At Toby's Feed Barn in Point Reyes Station, California.

sunbathing lily
Anastasia Safitri
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Sunbathing Lily

My backyard on a sunny day.
sunset volleyball
Aurora Demasi / www.flickr.com/photos/aurorademasi
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Sunset Sport

Friends playing beach volley in the sea during a fantastic sunset.

Puglia, Italy

Off in the Distance ...

Miles away from a summer storm in Lincoln, Missouri.

Jerry Smith
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Bandit Squirrel

This squirrel has foiled every attempt I've made to keep him out of feeder. This latest photo shows him after he successfully removed the lid from the feeder by grabbing it and twisting it off.

Front Royal, Virginia

Bee on the Go

A bee flies by a field in Kansas.
Brendan McPartland
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Camouflage Caterpillar

Caterpillar spotted in New Carlisle, Indiana after a light mist.

Robert A Zink Jr
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National Park Vacation

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Coastal Sunrise

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean in the Outer Banks of North Carolina near Rodanthe. Sunrise in August is the quietest time on the beach.
Wayne Boardman
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Approaching Summer Storm

Ominous clouds approach just before a summer downpour.

York, Maine

Julie Murphy
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No Laundry No Cares

Enjoying summer on my deck.
Christine Sorrell / www.sorrell-photography.com
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Sunset Over Tampa Bay

Picnic Island Park, Tampa, Florida

Bruce Mahoney
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Feeding Time

A moth caterpillar in Oklahoma.
www.earthpulsenaturephotography / Lara Ellis
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Summer Lavender & Butterfly

A Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly feeding on lavender nectar in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Chelsea Saulpaugh
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Saving Beauty

Marin County, California
Patricia Geyer
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Squash Blossom

Squash have separate male and female flowers. The first squash flowers are males. A week later you'll begin to see the first females. They depend on bees for pollination.

East Brunswick, New Jersey

Bruce Mahoney
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A Buzz About Summer

A thistle flower with a bumblebee.



A lilac flower after a rainy summer day.

Schouwen-Duiveland, the Netherlands

Sun Lover

It was in the hundreds during our time at Lake Austin Spa and naturally the well-kept gardens were also well-watered. The sunflowers were prospering this year, according to the gardener, despite the heat and drought conditions.

Jessana Palm
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Sunlight and Web

Summer is all about simple pleasures.

Along Turtle Pond, Concord, New Hampshire

Kari Anne Dobbs
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First Flight

We watched as the blue tits took their first flight out of our nest box.

A Bug's Eye View

High noon on a summer day in Connecticut.

The Beauty of the Lotus

The end of summer in Boise, Idaho.


Not often is a dandelion seen as a thing of beauty. It’s even edible and often made into a salad; who knew?

Kansas City, Missouri

Lynn Andrews
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Backyard Summer Scene

This is my backyard where I love to watch nature. It's peaceful; I feel like I'm sitting in a park.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Diane Harvey
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Summer's Wonderful Colors

While on vacation in Sonoma, we couldn't resist visiting their farmers' market and capturing these glorious colors.

Sonoma, California

Angela Bellinger
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Desert Monarch

Monarch resting on a desert spoon in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Olivia Bradateanu
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Serene Summer Scene

A great place to sit and relax on a sunny summer afternoon.

Montclair, New Jersey

Jill Ettinger
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Simple Summer Scene

While visiting the Catskills Animal Sanctuary recently, i was also struck by how subtle and beautiful the plant life was. I love the cow barn in the distance, it gives the photo a very pastoral feel of a different time.

Rose Mellow Hibiscus

Summer in Sardis, Mississippi.
Caveman Etris
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Anderson Falls

This waterfall is 10 to 12 feet high depending on the time of year and 90 feet across. It is part of Anderson Falls Preserve in Newbern, Indiana.
Patricia Kintner
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Skyline Drive

A beautiful ride along Skyline Drive in Virginia affords a spectacular variety of wildlife plants and animals. This is a close-up of a gorgeous butterfly on flowers.
Steven Gunawan
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Give Me Light

I went to a local park in New Britain, Connecticut, one summer morning and I saw this amazingly beautiful natural display.

Buzzing About ...

It was a rare and fleeting moment. I snapped this shot on a sunny, mild summer day, in Kansas City, Missouri. I heard the buzzing and was hoping the bee would land on a flower and pose for a photograph. As you can see the bee did just that. Allowing me this opportunity.

Ann Petersen
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The Hibiscus

The hibiscus down at the Branson Landing were so beautiful; I just had to take a photo!

Branson, Missouri

Sandy Manisco
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Purple and Yellow

This is one of the beautiful yellow butterflies that comes to drink nectar from my purple coneflowers in my backyard. In the fall the yellow finches love the seeds from the flowers. The bees love them too ... I'm a big advocate of purple coneflowers, which are native to northern Illinois!


We had a family photo shoot late in the afternoon. Just as it finished, I snapped this shot of a very tranquil Laguna Beach.
Tiffany Simonsen
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Swallowtail on a Spider Flower

A swallowtail enjoyed some afternoon sun on our spider flower (Cleome hybrid).

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dan Shapley / The Daily Green
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Morning Sun

Morning sun at Louisa Pond, part of the Shaupeneak Ridge Preserve in the Town of Esopus, New York.
Judy Bishop
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A gorgeous Costa Rican sunset.
Samantha Eddy
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This was taken after a sudden summer thunderstorm. It's the reflection of the clouds in a puddle.


Laura Dominianni
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Purple Phlox

Summertime in Morrisonville, New York.

The Pollinator

These trees bloom two times a year for us, spring and fall. Keeps our bumblebees busy.

Rhododendron, New Hampshire

Artie Cosenza
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Sabino Canyon Butterfly

My son turned 15 on March 23rd, 2009, and his birthday present was a Nikon. This is one of his first photos.

Sabino Canyon, Arizona

Emma Salmon
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Sunset After Storm

Beautiful sunset after a raging storm.

Elk Lake, Michigan

Arizona Summer Sunset

A unique cloud formed in Buckeye, Arizona. You'd almost think it's a tornado because of the way it's shaped.
Jessana Palm
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Water Web

Looking for the highlights after rainy days in New Hampshire.